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Lockheed Martin/Airbus tanker aircraft refueling system to be built in western Arkansas

On May 18, Lockheed Martin and Airbus leaders announced that the aerial refueling boom system for the LMXT strategic tanker aircraft will be manufactured by Airbus in western Arkansas. Introduced in September 2021, the LMXT is Lockheed Martin’s offering for the U.S. Air Force’s KC-Y strategic tanker program, according to a press release. The LMXT is built on the combat-proven design of the Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT), which is the strategic tanking choice of 14 nations around… ( More...

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Brian Freeman 2
Sure, Arkansas has long been recognized as the epicenter of high tech employment.........
John Oliver 1
A replacement for the KC-46 already??
Dan Pempel 1
No. It is a bridge program to get to the KC-Z. The AF isn't buying enough KC-46s to replace all of the 135s. The KC-46 also isn't a direct replacement for the KC-10, which is already being retired.
joepre 1
Boeing dropped the ball on their tanker manufacturing with all of their delays, shoddy manufacturing and components not working. The AF is tired of waiting so they allowed Airbus to step in and provide tankers while Boeing tries to get their shit together. The way they have been going, I am not sure it will ever happen. They have no one to blame but themselves. Rags and tools found inside wings somehow doesn't build confidence...
Chris B 1
Let's hope that company doesn't screw it up. Go to the wiki page for the MRTT and you'll see an Australian AF MRTT refueling a USAF fighter with the US style boom.
Personally I prefer the d rogue system because you can refuel more Han one aircraft at a time.
Michael Stansfield 5
I agree, but the flying boom is a USAF thing, probe and drogue is a USN thing. The big benefit of the boom is that once connected, it allows a faster refueling than the probe and drogue system.
bentwing60 1
Does the boom deliver as much fuel as two drogues at once. The key is the number and size of the aircraft to service and last I heard the USN and USMC have No Buffs, but a bunch of F18s that usually fly as a pair, or more. Mission utility is a thing.
bentwing60 2
The Marines don't pay as many no seat time generals as the USAF
EMK69 2
Hopefully, that was a joke and you understand the reasoning behind our Wing v the mission of the Air Force.
bentwing60 4
If the sarc. font is broke here, don't blame me.


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