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Air France pilots avert potential disaster on New York-to-Paris flight after plane becomes 'unresponsive'

The Boeing 777 descended to 1,200 feet and became unresponsive due to a 'technical incident' ( More...

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Dale Hill 18
MSReed, you nailed it! They had an issue, followed their training equals non-event. Over my 30 years of flying I have had several Real Emergencies. I can appreciate the real problem of NOT being able to silence alarms creating more of a distraction than the problem itself. Alarms are meant to draw attention to the issue at hand then stop. I don’t understand to this day why the engineers think an alarm is so special it shouldn’t be silenced at some point. Years ago I had to land a jet with one gear not all the way down, late night storms, low on fuel coming in from over water, tired. It takes your best performance to deal with the issue in a short amount of time. Emergency procedures didn’t not fix the problem, alarms still blaring! I had to land under the worse conditions not to mention alarms won’t stop. It’s the most distracting thing ever! It was like having a second emergency. I needed to concentrate… forget it.
So I kind of view it as the pilots won, in spite of the engineering. But all the drama hype is hilarious!
erisajd 9
If you have a serious problem you’re gonna know. And being able to silence an alarm removes a distraction. It’s not like you’re gonna be on short final, lose a motor or the AP, and not know it. I agree. All alarms need to be silienced by simply pushing the master caution. Then. If no checklist are taken within 2 minutes, sure, let the alarm come back but only visually.

How hard would it be to hav3 the PFD / MFD flash a red border with ‘emergency’ or something. It’s 2022. We’re flying electric jets now.
You make a historical point being a pilot of which am not, but fully understand ur recommendations of silencing those alarms. It could be a major distraction and lead to disasters.
Should be given serious consideration by aircraft manufacturers globally!
Jim Quinn 13
Two chances and they couldn't get the right photo in there...
Cleffer 5
Does the media ever?
Greer Kemp 5
Haha... it's the old "Yeah put some picture of planes... oh and make sure they have the right logo too..... " - I guess it's just a case of what is the focus... is it the aircraft (obviously here it is), or is it the airline... which for the public is more the question. Horses for courses.
I have worked in the broadcast industry all my life, and technology is my main work and interest, but editors and "creatives" see the world differently from us! :)
Randy Barron 2
That was a horrible article from start to finish, including the un-captioned pics. No real information, just a lot of hearsay and speculation.
kamaole 0
Fox. You were expecting something else?
wx1996 13
Pilots are busy and know they have a serious issue. Listen to that breathing. They tell ATC to leave them alone as they have work to do.
Shawn Salter 1
Thanks for this. Very scary.
Randy Barron 1
That's a fantastic audio. And the photos with it were not just a generic 777, but the actual aircraft involved, F-GSQJ, unlike the article linked to this squawk. They just used random Air France planes, only one of which was a 777.
MSReed 8
Is this story being a bit overdramatized by the media? The autopilot failed, so two experienced pilots had to disengage the autopilot, do a relatively routine go-around, and land the plane the old-fashioned way--which they did successfully. I'm just very glad they were successful and all are safe.
paddyarizona -1
> Is this story being a bit overdramatized by the media?

It's Fox News, that's their SOP.
Bob Denny 4
t just Fox, all news sells shock and fear.
Steve Stein -6
I was surprised Fox didn’t blame Macron.
alex hidveghy 2
Mais qui, monsieur!!
SkyAware123 -1
IF it was any of the other liar networks it wouldn't be reported or it be reported as russian collusion.
Billy Koskie 8
Can a 777 pilot listen to the cockpit audio on YouTube for the caution and warning alarms going off and advise what is going on? I don't trust headlines nowadays, so was this a 'potential disaster' or not?
Blancolirio channel on YouTube. Juan Browne is a 777 pilot, offers his interpretation of the voice recording, which (but of course!) is in French.
David Beattie 2
Mais ouì
alex hidveghy 1
C’est incroyable!
David Beattie 4
Most likely Le Truck driving by the LOC antenna.
gotta watch out for those 'technical incidents' ... we were all warned about them before we were ever sent up to solo!
erisajd 4
1200 AGL I’m thinking you should be hand flying the damn airplane. IMHO.
Chance favors the prepared mind - Attributed to Louis Pasteur.
Most training is done to prepare you for very rare events.
Luck is the residue of a good plan/design/preparations.
avionik99 3
"Technical Glitch" Translation...."Hey I wonder what would happen if we tried this? Hold my beer."
akebonolove 2
Anybody shorting Boeing stock?
SkyAware123 1
1200 ft ?? holy smokes.
alex hidveghy 1
Not really. Only today I witnessed a DAL B737 go-around from what looked like less than 1000 feet while an Allegiant A320 departed of the parallel. Wind shear and very adverse weather and visibility here today!

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Cleffer -2
Epstein didn't kill himself.

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Lee Withers 5
Interesting how you, and probably others, want to think Boing has a problem. We don’t know what the component was, how old is the aircraft /component is, what is the maintenance history, and probably other aspects to consider.
Cleffer 7
Yeah, I get that. There's just been a ton of stories lately that start out with "A Boeing...."
After the 737Max scandal and the terrible damage done to Boeing's reputation, of course there's going to be continued scrutiny for any problem related to Boeing aircraft for a long, long time to come, deserved or not.
An interesting preliminary theory is that the localizer signal experienced interference, causing a (horizontal, not vertical) excursion from the ILS landing path. This would probably not be a 5G issue, which seems to be limited to radio altimeters. No indication so far that there was a deviation from the glide slope.
Greer Kemp 2
Yes, I wondered what it meant when it said "became unresponsive"... but I take it to mean that the aircraft was not responding correctly to the automation inputs, and I guess the pilots noticed that the approach was not per their expectations in some definable way, so took over manual control to execute the go-around and fly the landing by themselves.
So maybe there was a fault in the automation itself, or in the systems that link the automated control to the aircraft's flight systems...? I suppose we may find out eventually.
SkyAware123 3
Listening to the breathing there's more going on that that. Switching to manual control isn't that hard and wouldn't cause the breathing we hear. This pilot is filling his pants.
alex hidveghy 1
It's journo speak for I don't know what the hell I'm talking about! It's all aviation Greek to me.....
Mike MacDonald -1
With only 4 aircraft flying and 2 on the ground, you'd think they would never have a problem!
I wish the World would "Get Real"!!!
Air France flies 69 B777 aircrafts for passenger operations and 2 for Cargo operations. Lots of experience, and good experience with a great plane.
SkyAware123 -4
lol. Gee, let's see. 2 boeings crashed due to boeing's handling 100% without a doubt. Then another one recently fell out of the sky. No news about that yet. But I really wonder what planet you live on where Boeings haven't crashed.


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