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Flights are taking huge 'detours' around Russian air space. Here's what that means for the climate crisis

Since Russia closed its airspace to airlines from dozens of countries at the end of February -- in response to sanctions levied for its invasion of Ukraine -- about 400 flights per month that had previously been routed over the country are being forced to take a wider berth, according to Flightradar24. ( More...

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bbabis 5
Cut the climate crisis crap!!! After 70 years of hearing variations on the theme, I positively know that it is simply a cry for power and money.
victorbravo77 5
2% is not "significant." And, I'm a career environmental guy. Poor reporting.
ToddBaldwin3 2
I am too. I’m a chemist and an environmental specialist. Yes, longer flights mean more fuel burn, more carbon dioxide. In this case, so what. It’s much better than a repeat of Its much better than a repeat of MH17. .
mbrews 9
The CNN author of the article - " Rachel Ramirez is a general assignment writer on CNN's Climate team, covering climate change and environmental justice. "

C'mon, Tom. Do we need more stories from CNN climate hucksters clutching their pearls?

The real tragedy arising from the Ukraine conflict will be widespread hunger. Why ?

Ukraine is the breadbasket of wheat and cooking oil for underdevelpoed nations. The war-driven disruption of food and fertilizers will cause food scarcity in the underdeveloped countries. The port of Odessa is blockaded ; Ukrainian farmers are unable to plant their important wheat fields.

Famine resulting from WAR will be the result, NOT from marginal increase to Jet-A consumption
Val Trent 3
There is no "climate crisis"!! We have a political crisis perpetuating the lie of climate change, which they've been threatening since I was a kid in the 70's and none of it has come true except that our air is cleaner now, a good thing. What has come true is the money grab in the name of climate change. We need to stop with the coolaid fear mongering. Only a few countries are severe polluters, and they are allowed to continue at the expense of the rest.
Its super sad what is happening in Ukraine, and it doesn't need to happen. We want it to stop, but a few extra gallons of fuel spent are no comparison to the needless loss of life and utter destruction to a beautiful city.
linbb 5
How stupid look at the amount of pollution being caused by this in that country all the bombing and fires caused by the war. That statement is beyond dumb there is much more need to stop the WAR than worry about anything else dummy. We are short on oil products and they are blowing up fuel depots with thousands of gallons of product thats in short supply. Think about what you posted.
Paul Wisgerhof 4
What a total crock! Just how much "air pollution" do you think all of the burning oil depots are putting into the air thanks to the Russians? A hell of a lot more than any aviation detours. Oh, and we aren't even talking about the pollution from thousands of burning buildings.
Mike Mohle 4
Maybe Greta can scream BLAH BLAH BLAH at Putin to make sure he buys "Carbon Credits" (LOL) to offset the emissions from the detours and bombs and fires. That will save us and the people in Ukraine.
Dave Morris 1
avionik99 2
AMEN to that!!
bbabis 1
Never was. Never will be.
Mark Paladino -1


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