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Here's the 'Disappointing' and 'Prohibited' Way Some American Airlines Flight Attendants Make Extra Money

In short, some senior flight attendants figured out a way to use their tenure to their monetary advantage. It's pretty simple, actually. Flight attendants bid each month on the routes they want to fly for the airline. Their requests are granted, based largely on seniority. Thus, the longest-serving flight attendants get the best routes. Then, they'd turn around and sell those winning bids to more junior flight attendants. It's not the first time this practice has come to light. In… ( More...

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Bayouflier 3
Capitalism at its finest. Ethical or not.
avionik99 -3
Capitalism as with any Democracy requires honesty to work as intended. But todays liberal society cannot follow that simple rule. Look at the mess California's EDD is in due completely to the dishonesty of its residents.
Bayouflier 0
no argument there.
Highflyer1950 3
Most reputable airlines used to require an authorization from dispatch or base manager in order to switch shift assignments. However, the practice of selling shifts still goes on and as long as it doesn't impact special destinations requiring local language qualification, any warm body will suffice.
Bbuman 1
Had a similar arrangement once with my employer when using Amex business corporate card purchase reward points moving to my personal Amex account .

Working the system . Rank has its privileges
Iskra 1
If the contract allows it then it's ok! "Negotiations have consequences" (Doug Parker American Airlines). It's what ever the contract allows, ethical or not!
godutch -2
If you think about it... it could be comparable to people on welfare using welfare benefits, food, or even an EBT card to others for cash/profit. (Which is illegal)
godutch 0
*correction: 'to sell to others'
avionik99 -1
This is why giving cash benefits was a huge mistake. We need to go back to vouchers that are traded for specific items of Need.
ADXbear -1
Hmm some of these senior FAs need to retire anyway.. they look pretty tired.. I say take up a pax collection to GIVE TO THOSE SSHABBY seniors, then have a pretty younger safety FA on the flight.. sorry I regress?..


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