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FAA to investigate Santa Clara County leaded fuel ban at airports

The Federal Aviation Administration has started a formal investigation into Santa Clara County’s policy to ban the sale of leaded fuel at its airports starting Jan. 1. The FAA said it will investigate to determine whether the policy is a violation of the United States Constitution and other FAA guidelines. It also advised the county to halt the ban on leaded fuel implemented by county supervisors because of concerns of lead toxicity around Reid-Hillview Airport. ( More...

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swanaero1 18
make them pay back the federal funding from the sale of the airport to developers
Phil Caron 1
And don't forget the kickbacks to the involved politicians
Apparently there is still a market for Leaded Fuel. This is the kind of products that should always be driven by market forces not simpletons in Sacramento or the County seat. As older engines on older Vintage Aircraft are re-engine with engines that don't need the Leaded Full the product will disappear on it's own.
Alan Glover 2
OMG, the free market!

Are you insane, man!

Totalitarian busy bodies are the way to go!
Alan Glover 4
Apparently, Sarcasm is not everyone's strong suit.
Billy Koskie 5
Stupid. Just stupid.
Mike Spirito 2
Can't fix stupid!
I don't think that batteries are actually the issue here.
Randy Brown 4
Idiots still trying to close that airport. Lies work just fine for Kalifornia politicians.
linbb 3
How much do they think that aircraft gas lead does to people? If that were the case then back when led was in all fuel every one would be dead or sick from it not just a few. Dumb assed libs and progressives.
wiregold 31
If lead was as dangerous to brain development as science says then this country would be full of brain-damaged ... wait, never mind.
You probably never heard about lead poisoning. We had a couple rivers and villages in Thailand who suffered a lot and yes, it affects the brain and much more. This said, I do not agree with the ban but like somebody mentioned it will become obsolete after x number of years.
I"m not American but if remember well you have a city that had similar problems due to the (old) lead water pipes used.
Jim Mitchell 1
good point
The long term effects of lead are pernicious. Way more than "a few" were damaged by lead from leaded gas.

To get to the actual numbers (which surely is the important thing) :

"The study dove into public health data spanning a decade, and found that children under the age of 18 living close to Reid-Hillview had blood lead levels over 1.8 micrograms per deciliter. In 3.2% of the children surveyed, that number was as high as 3.5 micrograms, and in 1.7% of children it was 4.5 micrograms. Average baseline lead levels in children across the U.S. are closer to 0.84 micrograms.

So if you had children what would your response be to a facility that is significantly raising the lead levels in your children's blood?
So if you had children what would your response be to a facility that is significantly raising the lead levels in your children's blood?

My response last time this came up was to verify it was lead that was being ingested and not bullshit. And guess what? Here's the thing about neighborhoods with airports like Reid-Hillview... they are industrial and they are poor. The tested levels there are about average--so there are hundreds of zipcodes without airports in the state of CA that tested worse. It's a joke.

The goal is not to minimize exposure to lead. The goal is to close the airport.
M.F. LaBoo 3
In fact this airport is situated in what could hardly be called a "poor/industrial" area. Both Hillview North and Tanglewood-El Monte -- the neighborhoods directly adjacent to the downwind fence -- have median home sale prices in the $850-950,000 range.

And there are elementary, middle and high school campuses within a couple blocks of that same downwind boundary where engines are run up and firewalled for takeoff.

Good science requires research and data, not BS sweeping generalizations.
Yeah, because everyone knows if you want to find the nicest neighborhoods in town just look for the airport. Heavy metals contamination is more about what was in the area than what is there now.

This is the comments section, so I'm not bound to the same level of "good science" as someone trying to close airports or trying to ban the sale of certain types of fuels. If you want to bitch about lack of research and data, write a letter to the editor about garbage like this:
Alan Glover 0
If the safety of your children is the goal, take the 850 to 900 k and move. Duh.
David Stark 1
Levels of a substance in blood is a statistic. Actual useful information would include data about the EFFECTS of lead on these children. Are children near the airport suffering from any known ill effects of lead at a higher rate than children in other localities? As lead exposure causes damage over time, the proper method of evaluating the situation would be a longitudinal study.
Alan Glover -1

[This comment was deleted.]

Tim Dyck 10
This isn’t Facebook so if you want to post juvenile insults may I suggest you go there. Otherwise can we keep this site civil?
mbrews 4
any other religions you plan to mock ? this site needs a moderator
Peter Fuller 6
We can report comments as spam, and/or downvote them, so in a sense we can all be moderators.

Sort of on topic: you and I both no doubt breathed in some leaded gasoline exhaust back in the day, watching propliners at the Orlando Municipal Airport aka Herndon Field, now Orlando Executive KORL. Good times!
mbrews 4
Yes, would have been lead in the avgas. Eastern flew some DC-7s to Miami.
And Eastern operated the Lockheed Constellation out of Herndon to KDCA. Nothing like the sound (and smoke ?) from the 4 big radials on the Connie.

Then the carriers moved on to turboprops & jets. Eastern and Delta used huffer carts to spool up the Electras (Eastern) and DC-8s (Delta).
wiregold 0
You need to google 'mock'.

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Alan Glover 0
You'll have to fill us in on Jordan and Geatz's not telling the truth.

It is exactly that they are truth-tellers ( and demanders OF the truth) that explains why they are NOT on the partisan witch-hunt that is the laughable Jan. 6 commission.

Of what are you afraid?

I don't care if a flying purple people eater is the leader as long as they produce the results (record low unemployment for blacks and hispanics) for the American people (and by extension the world) that characterized the Presidencies of Trump and Reagan.

I don't disagree that RINOs are almost as big a scourge as marxist dems but we ain't ever getting God for prez so pick your battles.

Oh, and, planes. 😁
What are you talking about? Those are the only two presidents to see double digit unemployment rates since the great depression.
avionik99 -4
Liberals doing what they do best
btweston 0
Liberals liberals liberals.

You do understand the irony here, as you do what you do best, right?
Alan Glover 3
The word "liberal" has been appropriated (just like "gay" and "racist") for political reasons and has nothing to do with its actual meaning.

Real liberals are free market capitalists and support liberty (right there in the name).

I believe the chap was referring to "progressives", leftists, marxists-lite or some such appellation for people who support government control of most aspects of our lives.
Well said Randy! Airports (like seaports) are fundamentally a strategic asset in the widest sense of that word, including (but not limited to) military defence.
tlfys1 0
This time it's lead fear, next it will be...
linbb 3
All them electric powered airplanes coming any day now. Just think of all them batteries falling out of them there air plane things.
jmilleratp 1
You know that there are batteries in planes already, right?
feknight 3
I once had an 8 hour flight delay (B737) because the battery died. They had to DRIVE a new battery down from IAD to RDU for replacement. They could NOT fly the replacement battery down on the next flight because it was not allowed to be put onto the aircraft (as cargo) ... It was only allowed on the aircraft if it was fully installed in the "right" place. So we just waited for them to drive the part down.
And those doesn't use lead batteries! :)
castellog 0
Beginning of the end for GA. If California starts closing airports and restricting leaded fuel, it will start a trend to take away another liberty. Make it so expensive normal joes will never afford it. Only the elite in their G5s will fly.

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Randy Brown 12
You clueless much?
Aviation fuel tax not the liberal slush fund generally help pay for airports.
Most small airports are an economic plus to their communities.
Many politicians are short sighted and sell off the land to developers that support their campaigns.
Kind of like corruption.
jmilleratp -4
Pull money out of D.O.D.
Alan Glover 1
If they keep "white rage" Milley as CJCS, maybe.


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