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Flight Attendants Are Fed Up with a Growing Number of Violent In-Flight Encounters

Flight attendants told Insider they're burnt out and don't know what to expect each day. ( More...

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El Kabong 7
Lots of factors here to consider: Ultra-low cost = undesirable travelers (when was the last time you took a Greyhound anywhere? Have you seen the kinds of people that travel that way?) Secondly, the pandemic hasn't helped. We've become an institutionalized society akin to prisoners and haven't been able to readjust to societal norms. The psychological impact from the pandemic will fill psychiatric studies for the next decade. And lastly - come on.. the airlines, the airport experience and all the stress that it generates lights a fuse for many people. Throw in some alcohol and you have a perfect storm of conditions to cause people to lose their sh*t.
EMK69 9
Sad that they have to put up with this crap. It's society as a whole most think they can videotape a small piece of what really happens and get the public to back them claiming they are innocent victims of the big bad system.

Even on the ground, the same thing happens. Az a Reserve LEO I see BS every day with the so-called anti-police trying to instigate a situation farther than what it should be.
jaymeinen 8
A large part of what we’re seeing is a result of children who we’re never disciplined have now grown up and are throwing tantrums as they did when they were toddlers. Also, social media glamorizes such behavior. Then throw in the victim mindset and you have a perfect storm. People really need to grow up.
joe danser 1
yep that's it for sure.
wx1996 3
Passengers should be banned for this across all airlines, maybe added to the TSA no fly list.

However, the airlines and flight attendants must also find a way to be more civil to the passenger that pay their salaries. Two recent replies that made me fume: Went up to get some water to take a pill about 45 minutes before landing. The great AA flight attendant who just poured water for a fellow flight attendant told me no, that service was over while holding the water bottle in their hand. The other time I was standing next to an AA flight attendant when I was placing a bag in the overhead bin where the door would no stay open the whole way, asked them to please hold the door open for me, the reply was the union says I do not have to do that and they walked off. It starts at the top where executives management appears to be all about maximizing their income without concern for passengers or employees.

Flying has become an environment where everyone seems to be running to the lowest possible level for all interactions. It was not great before COVID, but now it is hostile, especially on AA. Delta is better but they also have room to improve.

How do we get basic decency and manners back into the system? I think we need some southern Grandmas to be around to teach manners and respect for others.
Tom Bruce 2
maybe this is a sign of the stress they're under.... tired, burnt out, emotionally exhausted wondering if some jerk is going to attack them, seems rough for anybody.... old retired, and not likely to climb on an airplane again for a long time....
there is an old biblical adage that some of us were raised with, and it should apply to you whether you are a flight attendant or a passenger..that is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" boils down to common courtesy.polite behavior and treatment of others,and myabe doing a little more for someone than is required of your job,such as that flight attendant givng you some water (they have the bottles handy as well as the potable water used for coffee) far as your comment about holding the overhead bin door open, that surprises me as i have had f/s's do it for me before,as well as even helping get the bag in because they want to tell the captain the cabin is secured..i think its an individual thing,as the unions only requirement is the weight of what an f/a can lift for you because of concern for their physical safety..i will admit, flight crews ground personnel long before covid issues,have been accused of just plain rude and nasty treatment of people,but that is NOT how they are trained nor the type of person the airlines want..todays issues involve people (passengers)who have been stuck inside or had to wear masks etcetera,and they already had "rage" issues..its happening all over not just with airlines, but with drivers on the road and people shopping..
James Driskell -1
So don't fly AA!
avionik99 1
Just ban alcohol in all airports and aircraft. That will minimize the issue!
jeff slack 3
yeah, bring back prohibition that worked so well the first time around (sarcasm)


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