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American Airlines ‘outraged’ after flight attendant allegedly assaulted

An American Airlines flight from New York City to Orange County, California, was diverted to Denver on Wednesday after a passenger allegedly assaulted a flight attendant, according to reports. ( More...

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patrick baker 6
this is a well documented assault on a flight crew member, with broken bones and lots of blood, done in front of witnesses by a man upon a female crewmember. This is a outrage that the man who did this is not sitting in jail, even though there are questions about jurisdiction here. The FBI has offices and agents in all states, federal prosecutors are likewise positioned, so the Department of Justice ought to get cracking on having clear responses to these increasing examples of passengers running amok. ANother example of the FAA being unresponsive .
srobak 2
The FAA does not control the FBI. And just as with aircraft - as soon as it leaves the ground anything that happens in the air is federal.
Highflyer1950 6
There is no reason why these numb-nutted, poor excuse for adults could ever pay for the cost of an aircraft diversion. They should be Federally prosecuted, found guilty and given a non-negotiable jail sentence AND then they can carry around a Felony Conviction on their permanent record to brag about! You do this and I guarantee all this will stop in a month. Except for the ones that belong in jail?
Mike Mohle 5
Not only the direct aircraft costs, but for each passenger too. Many have missed flights/appointments, etc., that all have a monetary impact as well.
Highflyer1950 2
Agreed but these are the same people who complain about a checked bag fee or a $30 ticket change so you know paying for “everyones” out of pocket expenses for a diversion due to an irate passenger is out of the question.
Torsten Hoff 3
That's not really the problem of the other passengers. Why should they be responsible for possible hotel accomodations, missed connections and other consequences arising from the diversion?
frequentflyguy 14
This has to stop. AA says they will prosecute unfortunately this POS will be let out on no cash bail by a prosecuter that won't prosecute. This crime must be federalized with harsh minimum sentences. In addition, passengers must declare they have no problems wearing a mask on board. If they have a problem they don't fly. If they cause a problem later, then this strengthens the evidence against them.I hate masks and I'm for individual rights and freedoms but when you buy a ticket or enter an establishment you abide by the rules. If you don't like the rule you don't fly or enter the store. The government has rewarded a lack of self control with no punishment and we are paying the price everywhere. Kudos to those passengers that were assisting. Beware the person who tries this on one of my flights. Don't mess with my safety...
Here's another article with more pictures and information
Torsten Hoff 8
It already is a federal crime and a federal prosecutor will handle this case.
patrick baker 4
jbermo 1
That's the problem - the media only sensationalizes the aggressive act but rarely reports on the resulting punishment/outcome.
Jesse Carroll -1
When Biden is out of office!
frequentflyguy 5
I have yet to hear about any prosecutions of violent incidents on planes. Let's cross our fingers on this one that the results get out and people can see the ramifications of this behavior
Mike Webb 10
If you disrupt one of OUR flights, you will be banned from every other airline's (domestic?) flights. Not hearing much about this these days.
bbabis 3
Do we not have air marshals anymore? Just the story of one shot dead during an attack would go along way toward making future idiots think twice.
pjshield 4
Sadly, IDIOTS don't think - that's why they're idiots!
Silent Bob 1
While I (sort of) appreciate the sentiment that the world would probably be a better place without this guy in it, it is NOT the job of the FAMs to become involved in actions that are not a direct threat to the aircraft.

I think a much better solution would be a "no holds barred" rule where anyone and everyone on board should be allowed to return the favor and beat the assaulter into submission, but in today's litigious society they would probably be able to sue, and win, against the airline(s) and anyone involved.
srobak 1
you know they do not carry lethal rounds, right?
bbabis 3
That's what Alec Baldwin thought.
mbrews 3
Uh-oh. From CBS Denver ; " No Arrest Made So Far After After American Airlines Flight Is Diverted To Denver International Airport " Link to TV reporter from Denver courthouse
srobak 5
They don't arrest people who kill retired police officers in the streets or burn down buildings - or who illegally close airports by carving large Xes in the runways - what on earth makes you think they are going to arrest or prosecute someone who assaults a lowly FA?
Mike Mohle 3
Photo of the perp? Ok, I get it.....
srobak 3
It's in the linked article. Although local tv stations in Denver (where he doesn't live) have taken to blurring his face. lol
pjshield 3
Slippery SLOPE there!
Jesse Carroll 1
Why can't these lowlifes be put on a World Wide No Fly list?
JJ Johnson 1
I believe this person should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Federal law. Flight crew assaults should never be tolerated.

I also the believe it is time for this Orwellian control freak mask dystopia to END. You sit and eat with it off crammed together. It is ineffective and stupid.
Anthony Acri -1
I do not agree with mask. Everybody is sitting close together. At lunch everybody takes mask off to eat.
I guess covid takes a lunch break.

i DO NOT AGRRE with assoult, he should be charged
srobak -3
The FA is white and the offender is a PoC, so - the charges will be dropped and/or he will just be released and the offender will be given an award and have a street named after him, while the DiC calls her a white supremacist and him a hero. Yeah - you think this kind of thing can't happen... it already has multiple times.

From the article: ""This behavior must stop," the airline said, "and aggressive enforcement and prosecution of the law is the best deterrent.""

Actually - dropping ridiculous and non-working jab and mask mandates is the best deterrent... but let's not start talking truths, now.

Bring on the downvotes for truth... I know my lovely F/A community will not let me down! LOL


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