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Taiwan says China makes largest air incursion ever

Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense reported that dozens of Chinese military aircraft have entered Taiwanese airspace Monday. ( More...

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EMK69 3
A better more detailed article for this incursion
godutch 2
They see that 'Sleepy Joe Biden is a shell...and those actually calling the shots are 'liberal-stupid', feckless, and STILL want to fundamentally change America. So, it begins. We will NOT defend Taiwan. Our military leaders are traitors and cowards... afraid of the civilian leadership. And the Chinese have figured it out. WOKE. Sad.
patrick baker 0
turn on the air-defense batteries, let loose a few missiles, and watch the communist chinese army air force skedaddle back across the taiwain straits. If they come back the next day with even more planes, we send the aircraft carriers with our jets into the area. With the japanese carriers, with the british carriers, with the french carriers, and this game of chinese-chicken can cease for a while.
Shenghao Han -4
Have you seen the article's charts?
They are not even flying towards Taiwan, more like towards open sea between Taiwan and Philippines.

If you want a War with China, the world as you know it will end. Say goodbye with all your technologies, they are all have components made either in Taiwan or in China. 2020 is a big proof what may happen if China is just suddenly gone from the map, even just for few months.
godutch -1
Eat sh_t lackey.
wiregold 4
China owns us. We gave them our best tech in the early nineties for access to a billion customers for LazerJet printers. I was there and watched it, I complained the equipment we 'loaned' to China contained prohibited tech. They returned 2 of the 4 boxes. They built the Silkworm using Hewlett-Packard DSP chips.
Shenghao Han -4
Funny Taiwan's ADIZ shown in the article include quite large chunk of airspace above Chinese mainland. So even the Chinese are flying above their own land, they may still "incurring into" Taiwan's ADIZ.

Well USN fly into South China Sea regularly, so guess Chinese are also exerting they own navigation freedom...

To me this is nothing more than "China threat" propaganda, not headline worthy. Interesting to see what equipment Chinese able to maintain and bring out for a stroll.

Speaking of propaganda. Wish one day both side can claim down and work out a plan for reunifications.
Relics of Cold War shouldn't exist when Soviet Union is gone.
Germans made it work, China maybe next, Koreans... well there is hope...
Greg S 6
China a case study in totalitarianism, an epic moral catastrophe in every measurable way. Taiwan is *by far* the better model for society.
godutch 6
Shenghao Han = Communist apologist and bot. You KNOW how well that Hong Kong 'reunification' is going? Right? If the people want to be left alone in Taiwan, LEAVE THEM ALONE. (The Germans didn't 'make it work', the Soviet Union and it's satellites caved to the power of the United States and the wall came down. The East German government essentially dissolved.)


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