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FAA’s New Software Could Reduce Taxi Wait Times And Delays

The software is designed to optimize airport operations and allow planes to push back from the gate, taxi to the runway, and take off without delay. ( More...

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Cleffer 7
It will be interesting to see how efficient it is at a place like O'Hare where they cram flight slots in like sardines.
Yazoo 6
They did something similar at JFK. It really didn't work that well. You not only have to control the push, but the exact landing of the next aircraft into that gate. The crew would have to call for a push time based upon when they thought they would be ready. What if there is a delay in boarding? Maybe a carry on PAX, the fueler is late or miss loads. Or you reach you a;;owed push time but the ramp is blocked. Some airports you have to de-ice at or just off the gate. ATC gives a push time that is 16 minutes late. Who eats the DOT delay time? Plus the delay for the aircraft on the ground for that gate. There are a lot of moving pieces to make this work.
patrick baker 3
at o'hare there is often many more than 30 t.o's and landings in a half hour period, so what is the clog point of the software? Same at JFK, charlotte, dallas houston..... One smart idea to reduce fuel taxi burn is to tow all aircraft to a point close to "position and hold". taxi times and delays will happen beyond a magic number that the software is capable to serve.
David Stark 2
The tow vehicles will burn fuel.
skylab72 1
Nowhere near as much as flight capable turbines.
WhiteKnight77 2
If this software can handle the peak travel times during the day at the airports listed, it will help. With a line of 10 aircraft or more waiting for the runways at Atlanta early in the morning, and is never ending, or so it seems, anything that can reduce wait time will be a boon to both passengers and the airlines. Let's hope it works well for those airports.
Jim DeTour 1
Somebody selling tugs will be happy using that sales pitch.
mbrews 1
- I would point out London Heathrow (LHR) methods of scheduling on-the-ground movements to minimize taxi times. They manage to handle high volumes of aircraft.

Basically, they reduce excessive clutter on taxiways. And only allow pushback when the assigned takeoff slot opens up
braxtron 1
If only they could do something similar for inbound longhaul flights. Out of dozens, I think I've had one that didn't hold for 5-20 min somewhere over London.
David Stark 1
They need to also reduce the ground hold times in runup areas waiting for takeoff slots from the ARTCC.
a1brainiac 1
Sometimes...the worst part of sitting on the tarmac waiting for a gate or takeoff
Kevin Simons 1
Did I miss this somewhere? WHEN will this be rolled out?
skylab72 1
Poor FAA. They are so hamstrung by procedural bottlenecks and funding that they lag by decades. Inhouse teams had working demos of digital systems at both AMR & United for the national traffic vs the weather problem in 1982. That problem is actually more intractable than the airport taxiway traffic problem.
Munich has been quite successful with this for several years now.
Tee Thomas 1
Packing slot times extremely close together is only a partial problem. Station managers need to keep a tighter reign on their crews to keep the Karl & Karen pilots from pulling into traffic out of order ... wait your darn turn Karen!
Der Troll hat geschrieben!
SkyAware123 0
It took them this long ? That's not rocket science.


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