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Teen contends with weather and forest fires while flying around the world

Being the youngest woman to fly around the world solo is not as easy as Zara Rutherford thought. She's about at the halfway mark. Check out ( More...

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Pretty awesome story. Good luck to Zara!
Mike Mohle 1
Where is Greta complaining about the "carbon footprint"?!?!?!?
Roy Hunte -2
Greta is no longer relevant, COVID stole her thunder.😉😆
Mike Mohle -1
Ah, OK, I thought she was like Cher, only 1 name needed now (so popular and infuential)! LOL
Ken Jackson 0
Admirable. But, honestly, why does this kind of thing need to happen again. And again. And again. Oh, and you chumps that deride Thunberg? You are forever on the wrong side of history. Also, you might respectfully learn to spell her name correctly.
Mike Mohle 0
She got another 15 minutes this week: BLAH BLAH BLAH. Of course, "hundreds" of young "environmentalists" flew from around the world to hold their summit this week. Hypocrites all!


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