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Escape from Afghanistan: Airline pilot reveals harrowing journey from Kabul

A Pakistan International Airlines pilot who flew one of the last civilian flights out of Kabul over the weekend is now opening up about his harrowing story of escape, reportedly saying that he feared his passengers and crew "could be used as hostages" if they stayed in Afghanistan any longer. Maqsood Birjani made the comments in a video posted Tuesday on YouTube, which was translated by the website Sam Chui Aviation and Travel. "I feel if we had delayed, even a little longer than… ( More...

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ADXbear 6
So sad, 5 presidents and a trillion plus dollars and we couldn't help that country build a solid government. No we will be hated by millions for abandoning them to be be killed, women become 3rd class citizens, girls are ready pulled from schools unable to learn.. thr world will have big problems coming out of that country.. Expect more 911 tips attacks over the next 20years..,
Roy Hunte 6
That's the worst part about it. People want to blame the current administration only, but the previous 4 haven't had any success either.
jbermo 2
. . . have we yet to accept a lesson learned from this?
My dad served two tours in Vietnam, and he was livid over the mess that Vietnam turned into. He said 'They called it a police action, and it was so much more, and so much less'.

One commentator called it 'fucking for virginity'. Yeah, pretty much...

America lost WAY too many lives, and WAY TOO MUCH money. All for what? To lose to communism?

And politicians that skipped out on the draft when they could have served their country in uniform, ended up sending way too many Americans to die in yet another foreign country. At least GHW Bush had the sense to stop the madness. His son bequeathed the war of all wars to his wicked VP, blood thirsty ghoul Dick Cheney. And the religious in this country lined up their sons and daughters to sacrifice their lives for nothing. 9/11/2001 sparked a blood lust in so many 'religious' people, and they declared war through the Bush administration, on the Middle East.

So were the dual wars all about blowing the US Treasury, and bankrupting the country? Ask Obama. It was the sequestration that tied his hands to help fix the country. The sequestration driven by republicans in congress. It would seem that the massive money wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan was very helpful in the GOP war on America's support for those less fortunate' So while the poors suffered, the rich got way too rich. The 'wars' were fought by extremely well paid private contractor mercenaries. Pallets of cash disappeared. Promises of Iraqi oil paying for the wars failed, like the guarantees that Mexico would pay for 'the wall'.

This country needs to learn a big lesson: Politicians should NOT be able to declare wars, not while they are owned by so many corporations that profit from the wreckage they create.

Pulling out of Afghanistan will likely drive the rest of the world to step in and help deal with that area. One reason it was so costly is because, against common sense, the Bushies went in largely by themselves. Were the lives wasted that died there? Sadly, yes. Just like the lives wasted in Vietnam. I'm glad my dad survived. I wasn't so sure he was happy he did.
Well said! The problem with Vietnam was leadership from the highest levels. I recommend "Westmoreland" by Lewis Sorley for clear insight into the lack of his leadership. H. R McMaster's "Dereliction of Duty" is a valuable study of how not to run a war. The books on Afghanistan haven't bee written yet, but I'll bet that the same problems and lack of compliance are still in charge. I always figured that if one wanted to know the real situation, ask the guy in the third rank of the platoon. I you want to know how to run the show, ask the Company Commanders and First Sargents. They know what really going on.
Cleffer 5
I count my blessings every day that I was born in the United States. We think we have problems. Go walk a mile in their shoes or spend some time over there and see it for yourself and then get back to me.
dkroutil 12
God advice. Spent a bunch of time in the area and we realize that 99% of these people are just like us. They love their families; mothers worry about their teenage sons and daughters and want their children to have a better future than they did. so often the news portrays them as gun toting maniacs that just want to kill anyone that does not adapt their culture. Nothing is further from the truth. Most are hard-working people that just want to do their daily jobs in peace and with a purpose towards the future.

Truly a sad state of affairs. Desperation drives them to unfathomable measures. My heart goes out to them.
ExPatHere 4
The Captain made the right decision based on the right reasons….
sharon bias 1
Training is what gave this flight crew the confidence to make the hard choices.
jwmson 1


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