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Why a big 767 freighter operator now likes the Airbus A330

Air Transport Services Group is a major leassor of all-cargo aircraft. It wants to expand its fleet to the A330 by buying older passenger planes and converting them for hauling cargo. Here's how the moves fits economically and operationally. ( More...

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ADXbear 7
So tired of pop up ads son invasive one can't read the article, the reason we're on that web site to start with.. getting real aggravating here and elswhere..
canuck44 4
Basically a spam generator.
Roy Hunte 2
I'd say sparkie624 is more of a spam generator than him, sometimes I log on here and have to was through 15 - 20 articles all posted by sparkie624, or by MH370 with his anti-Boeing news.
Roy Hunte 1
Wade through, not was through, sorry.


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