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Greenpeace Vandalizes Air France Boeing 777 in Paris

Today, Greenpeace trespassed Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and vandalized an Air France (AF) Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. ( More...

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Paul Miller 11
WHAT on Earth does this manage to prove I ask myself ? 10 guys getting into a secure area LOL ? and throwing paint at a Boeing 777-200, so are they going to do this to the Hundreds and thousands of other Aircraft all over the planet too then ? and you can bet that at least ONE of those idiots doing that damage have traveled on a plane themselves at least once in their sad misguided lives....
Great! now it burns more fuel when they fly it to the paint shop
Shenghao Han 3
Now Air France have to make more money to recuperate the cost of fixing up the 777... And government now need to divert funds could used for renewable to boost airport security... What good does that do?!?
ian mcdonell 4
To Bob Cowling
You calling others ignorant masses and punching out the rubbish you have?
ADXbear 2
Security at its best.. Makes public feel all fuzzy inside!
Derek Vaughn 5
Ah yes, Greenpeace, the old school leftwing fascists.
ImperialEagle 3
The useful idiots from Greenpeace should try the same move at Bejing and see what happens to them.
Their burial would certainly benefit the soil.
Meanwhile I'm sure the insurers are taking a good look at CDG and advising the airlines who serve it accordingly. The terrorists have been asleep at the switch.
Shenghao Han 1
Beijing won't even let them get past the fence. China is a bit paranoid on public safety.
For example, in China you get through a preliminary security check before reaching Check-in, there is a second security check for passengers afterwards...
Mike Mohle 2
Idiots! In the US this would be a Federal crime. Is this the same sort of offense in France, or will they just retreat and wave the white flag?
ImperialEagle 2
Sadly, these days, most of the criminals work for the Government. When I think of Federal crime I think FBI or CIA.
Leo Aubry 0
Just like the securety at the white house.
canuck44 -5
Under Florida's new anti-riot laws they might find them with newly installed air conditioning.
Shenghao Han 1
The article had said it. Aviation hardly single handedly caused worse green house gas emissions. Asking people go back to travel by sea is just unrealistic with current technology.
In the future we might get undersea maglev trains but we are at least 20 years away from that...

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Full plane = heavier take-off and flight weight
Heavier take-off and flight weight = more fuel burned
Robert Cowling -6
Non sequitur.

There is no comparison between thousands of nearly empty RJ's and half full (or less) jets buzzing around to the same destinations several times in an hour, and a smaller number of full to capacity planes.

And then if you include a workable mass transit system like Europe has, there are even MORE gains in cutting pollution.

We can not keep burning the planet down. Eventually it will turn on us, worse than it already is, and we will pay. Nothing is permanent. The planet WILL get to the point where it can not support human, or any other life. When that time hits, it's going to make The Plague look like a weekend at the beach. The same beach that is washed out, and flooded because of the hurricanes and rising water levels.

And here's something that all you ignorant masses need to think about: There has been a project in DC to strengthen, and replace/install new systems to deal with high water issues. BILLIONS has been spent to deal with 'rising water levels', and torrential rains and possible tornadoes. All of that funding has been approved unanimously by BOTH PARTIES, and done 'in the dark'. Yes, republicans are very concerned about flooding from climate change induced flooding, in the District of Columbia. They aren't concerned about flooding in any other area of the country as much as DC, their home. Where their homes are. Where they grift money from the fossil fuel industry. Climate change would be UNDENIABLE if DC was under 3 feet of water.

Get over the idea that we can continue doing everything that we have done for centuries. It WILL boomerang back on ALL of us. We WILL pay for the past. I hope it's not in my lifetime, but I no longer thing that we have that much time left. So, vote me down, but don't forget what I have said.
Greg S 5
You're a reliable idiot. The fact that you presume to talk down to people is just so perfect.
SaydCardenas 1
You are absolutely right. Airlines should take more strides in making their business models more aligned to the reality of climate change and the critical situation our planet is facing today. Why wait until policies are forced upon them to make the right move. I agree as well with your statement regarding Greenpeace and their methods of activism. There are certainly better ways of bringing publicity to such a critical matter, and vandalism isn't one of them. It reminds me of the guy who glued himself to an airplane, also in a climate change protest. Anyway, hopefully its not too late for humanity to commit to real change. There are already great advances in technology and science available today, but it seems all the progress in the world won't make a difference until mentalities change as well.
EMK69 0
Wow, just wow....after both rants it makes me want to quit recycling. IF like-minded folks who are part of Greenpeace think like you, I will give up doing my footprint part.

I truly don't believe I have ever read such a bizarre rant on this page since joining. IF you work for an Airline please do us a favor and tell us which one. I'm afraid after reading this rant you are the type to down a bird because it didn't meet your expectations.

Wow...just wow.


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