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New Vs Old: Comparing The Boeing 707 To The 787 Dreamliner

Boeing’s four-engine 707 was the US manufacturer’s first-ever jetliner, entering service with Pan Am in October 1958. In the more than 62 years that have followed this introduction, Boeing has become a key player in commercial aviation. Today, it represents one half of the industry-dominating Airbus-Boeing manufacturing duopoly. ( More...

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ADXbear 1
I want to agree with fellow posters, but as we all know, perfectly well maintained aircraft like the 747, 75s 76s all heading to the scrap heap.. the long term condition on the carbon fiber act have yet to be proven.
sparkie624 1
That is very true.... A plane is just like a balloon. You can only blow them up and deflate them so many times before they pop... With A/C we can continue to fly with good maintenance, but the real limiting factor is that as they get more cycles the aging aircraft program gets more and more expensive... Many of the planes are parked, others are sent to 3rd world countries where they are still flying. There are 737 200's and 727's still flying today.... Just not many in the US, but there are a few.
Alan Brown 1
II believe the 707 is the basis for the C-135/KC-135 and all of their variants. Those are all still flying, but the replacement is years behind and millions over budget.
sparkie624 2
It is... 707 has been a model for a lot of planes from Boeing. Even parts of the design go to the 27 and 37's
patrick baker 1
The 707 was built in the time of engineering competence and predomanance, unlike now which has accountants and stockbrokers and marketing folks leading the parade, with help from a fradulent board of directors enabling a pack of jackal executives, folks who could not design even a paper airplane.
sparkie624 4
The 707's will still be out there when the 787 is parked... No comparison... Today they design disposable planes... Back in the day... they were made to last... There are 737-500's parked with 737-200's still flying.
Bob Curry 3
It's often nice to think that everything was better in the good old days, but there are usually many other considerations.
In this case, remember that the first generation of intercontinental jets were built with limited ability to optimize aero-structural design. They were overbuilt because it wasn't possible to do better. While being stronger than necessary may sound good, it also means that those planes were inefficient and wasteful compared to today's products.
Modern airplanes may have a more limited lifetime but they also save an enormous amount of fuel and have helped keep ticket prices low despite the doubling and redoubling of fuel prices. All this while improving the safety of airline travel over the decades.
It shouldn't be surprising that the longest running operator of the 707-type has been the US military, an organization that doesn't worry about fuel costs (and ticket prices) the way fare-paying travelers do.
The designers of modern airliners are highly competent and professional, just like in the good old days.


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