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Aviation Stats Update: December 15, 2020

"After a tumultuous year, the aviation industry pushes into 2021 with hopes that a vaccine will usher in normalcy for travelers, operators, and their families. With worldwide commercial traffic at -46.50% over 2019, up from the all-time low of -81% back in April, we look forward to the next year as one of continued growth through adversity."-Daniel Baker, CEO, FlightAware. See the latest air traffic numbers from around the world. ( More...

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jptq63 1
The commercial traffic in Europe is really sinking again / going back to the lows; wonder how long over there vs. US that seems to at least be stable at a low level.
paul gilpin 2
i've always wondered about europe. they have such a developed passenger train network. here in the colonies, i never hear about train traffic falling off in europe.


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