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CAF A-26 Invader Returns to The Sky After 21 Years

The third A-26 in the CAF inventory returned to flight on November 1, 2020 with two flights out of Guthrie Regional Airport in Oklahoma. The first flight duration was approximately 11 minutes with a few minor squawks. The second flight later in the afternoon was approximately one hour in duration. Mark Novak was the Pilot in Command during the flight. ( More...

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JW Wilson 3
Many flew from Nakhom Phanom (THailand) during the Vietnam war.
Mark Kanzler 3
I remember when CAF was Confederate Air Force (Before rampant political correctness)
trevor meikle 2
I remember when the CAF was the Canadian Air Force...
James Cook 0
Right on! Commemorative Air Force and Canadian Air Force
WhiteKnight77 1
It is always great to hear about old warbirds getting a new lease on life. Thanks CAF.
Frank Lewis 1
Great work from the CAF and I hope it fly's for the next 25 years. Come to Boca Raton, Florida so I can take a ride.
Larry Horton 1
In the late 60s or early 70s I hitched a ride on an A26 a day or so before an airshow at CAF HQ in Harlingen. It had been converted for executive use which resulted in a comfortable ride. Flown that day by Col. Hill out of San Antonio I believe. He liked to put it through its paces. Days before an airshow were good times to hitch rides. Lots of planes flying and lots of pilots willing to trade rides for labor wiping down planes. Not sure whatever happened to that plane.
A teen in the late 60' after a flying lesson it was great to sit and listen to older guy's "flying the picnic table" with stories. (There was a big green picnic table under a nice shade tree).
One story I remember was a corporate pilot telling about a story about a converted A26. He said it was an exciting aircraft with huge power mated to small, high-efficient wings, really fast before corporate jets.
His story was flying into icing conditions either without de-icing equipment of failed equipment. He said it was exciting (not the word he used) trying to keep flying while trying to find warmer air. He said after landing the only ice remaining was in the left seat.
I would love to hear from anyone who actually flew a A26 to see if this was a demanding plane. He said a pilot really need to stay ahead of the plane.
I been fortunate to have visited Harlingen many times and hung out with the Snowbirds wrenching those great War planes.
I'm still pis__'d those planes were taken from those guys in Harlingen, many who worked on them during the War. The move to Midland was a bummer.
Don Jones 1
Congratulations CAF and thanks to Guthrie for the support!
James Cook 1
To the Commemorative Air Force and its members AWESOME!
Go Guthrie!


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