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Why the A321 converted freighter looks like a hot ticket

Older passenger planes go to the secondary market and some get converted to cargo planes. The Airbus A321 converted freighter is the newbie to the market, but it's already generating big interest from leasing companies and operators. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 5
>> Malta is an ideal location for inter-European distribution

Umm, have they looked at a map to see where Malta is located?
WhiteKnight77 1
Within a radius of 2000 miles of Malta, all of Europe, most of North Africa, most of Scadinavia and parts of European Russia is within reach. That is a huge area.
Eric Kulisch 3
Yes, centrally located. No truck connections, but maybe works as an air hub.
Greg S -1
Top. Men.
LOL. That's a throwaway.
Michel B. 1
Because B757 freighters are getting rare ?
Eric Kulisch 1
There are fewer of them, getting old in the tooth. A321 more modern, can carry more palletized cargo. So seen as eventual replacement, but maybe sooner rather than later if trends continue.
Eric Kulisch 1
Maybe something about it's central location. I'll get some more answers on that in a bit. Stay tuned.
Plus Malta is gorgeous. It really is.


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