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Pictures: Two Parked British Airways Planes Sabotated in Heathrow

One Boeing 777 and one 787 planes were covered by five tons of fire retardant in the incident that happened on May 3rd. A disgruntled airline staff facing either redundancy or signing up to a cheaper contract is under investigation as the suspect, an insider told. ( More...

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Chris B 6
For Video of this event, see
Greg S 3
Thanks. From the video it's not at all obvious that the aircraft themselves were targeted, plus it appears most of the retardant was just pumped directly onto the ground rather than over the aircraft.
Thanks for the video link. Clearly not an accident.
I must have missed the part in the video showing the rat fink saboteur intentionally pulling the bright red handle while holding the "I'm an engineer and this is what you get for laying me off, you wankers" sign.

I watched it twice.
warner ogden 3
Sabotated? what does that mean?
Greg S 6
Sabotaged with potatoes?
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, writers had editors. If this writer existed then/there instead of here/now, his editor would have barely finished the second paragraph before angrily extinguishing his half smoked cigarette and drop kicking the article right back to the writers desk.

BA, the only party involved that might possibly benefit, insists it was a malfunction (just like at the delta hanger last month and the airbus hanger in mobile last fall). But "some" of the soon to be laid off engineers were there. Oh, well, case closed. Too bad dumpsters don't have the same fire suppression systems as airplane hangers.
There will be more sabotage as Walsh and Cruz decimate the "national" carrier transferring aircraft and slots to their European companies and cheaper foreign crew


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