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KSLC is CLOSED due to earthquake

KSLC is currently closed after a 5.7 magnitude earthquake. ( More...

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John D 5
It's back open now
no, it's still closed and we are no longer in the EU!
John D 1
My comment was on the airport closure, not the site
Rico van Dijk 4
Site is blocked in Europe :’(
okwjq4h5l3q4t 4
I live very near Magna, Utah, where the 5.7 magnitude earthquake occurred at 7:10 AM Tuesday morning. I live in South Jordan, Ut, 10 km (6.2 miles) away from the Magna Pit quake epicenter. Aftershocks are continued all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Many were felt. According to the USGS earthquake site, 45 aftershocks were over 2.5 magnitudes in the area within 24 hours. SLC airport shut down because of airstrip inspection and a large water break on a major concourse. One plane was in approach over SLC airport during quake according to RPI3 FlightAware and was rerouted. Subsequent flights were rerouted until airstrip inspection and a large water release on a major concourse was completed/repaired. Two freeways were closed to the airport and were shut down to check overpasses. Two chemical trucks overturned. Rio Tinto, the company that runs the Magna Copper pit facility had a chemical plume release that triggered local HAZMAT, safety, local civil-defense alerts, along with our continuing state and national quarantine directives. Several schools had brick facades crumble over high school and elementary school entrances. Luckily, all students were sent home earlier this week for quarantine otherwise they would've been entering their schools at the time of the quake. Now we are all back to just the state and nationally mandated quarantines in place. It was a good time to have an earthquake! The fire departments went nuts but that's about it! Limited injuries. We had a 3.0 M aftershock 0.0 KM away according to the USGS shortly before midnight Tuesday. Under us? No damage here except for a food storage shelf collapse in the garage. No problem. Older houses, brick business buildings, and mobile homes had extensive damages. No Fatalities! Very exciting but keeping safe!
Paul Britton 2

This is viewable from the UK
zayin 2
The earthquake brings up unfortunate implications. What hasn’t been widespread news is the ATC tower as new as it is sustained damage structurally and to equipment, which is where we get the limited amount of traffic for now. ATC relocated into the older towers in the terminal on top of Delta’s OCC. TRACON moved to salt lake center, ASDE-X doesn’t work right now. Word of mouth suggests 2 weeks to fix the newest tower.

COVID-19 or not, it’s likely put SLC as first choice of cuts or even shutting down being crippled how it is. Layoffs, furlough and VTO is all that’s still happening. Curbside check in with skycaps? Lay-off. I believe SkyWest is in the process of relieving 50% of their staffing in SLC. Could be wrong and that’s companywide, but they’re cutting a lot and I don’t believe it’s coincidence in SLC. With too few paying regional passengers I’ve been seeing a LOT of cancellations to not fly 2 people not even an hour.
bbabis 3
Probably not a better time for this event with traffic so reduced. Glad no deaths reported so far.
leodbailey 1
we are going to be totally lost with all the cutbacks of flights and it definately needs to get back on track ASAP! i'm doing my part,, i'm staying at home for at least 2 maybe 3 weeks. in the country,secluded.
Oh man! That was a fun day here in SLC! The earthquake woke me from my pleasant slumber some 35 miles from the epicenter. I was very confused as to why the bed was shaking back and forth. My first thought was that my brother was just messing around with me. So I sat up and told him to stop shaking the bed. When I looked down and saw he wasn't there I was extremely confused, but I was tired and so I went back to bed. Three hours later when I woke up again (very late) I found out it was an earthquake. This month is going to make for some epic stories to tell twenty years from now.
sorry, my mistake or was it yours?
Regards Pat
WhiteKnight77 1
Good to hear that people in the area are OK. I don't know about in Utah, but other places are having to meet new seismic codes for buildings and other structures that have been or being built over the last 15 years or so. This does not help older buildings though. The airport seems to have escaped major damage all the way around and the water break was an easy fix.
zayin 2
It bugs me the newest important addition, ATC tower, is now the biggest problem despite design with seismic activity in mind.
WhiteKnight77 1
If the tower was built including seismic codes in mind, there should have not been an issue, unless something was overlooked in building it.
zayin 1
There have been revisions to code and learning the last 20 years for an area no accustomed to seismic activity. Sure it remains upright and the fundamental structure survived but someone didn’t think everything through.

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Roger Anderson 10
Ignore bruce. From his comment history, he looks like a political troll
phil gibson 4
What comment?


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