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Quick reaction to trim runaway in ATL - ATC audio

Quick reaction to trim runaway with only 2 pax on a Embraer 175. ( More...

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Relics 7
My heart sank when hearing the pilot state they were stalling.
Relics 9
Fantastic job to ATC and the pilots for getting the aircraft down safely. Scary situation.
Ben Bosley 4
Good on the controller for recognizing how serious a runaway trim situation is.
airuphere 3
175 with 2 pax? Could the trim of been misset from the start? Flew in fully loaded - missed calculations. On 145 once with 4 pax, pilot asked us to all sit at the back for takeoff - move to our seats at cruise. 145 very different form the 175 for GC but still?
airuphere 2
OK I had only read the article - just watched the atc.. I’m wrong looks like a runaway trim for sure.. absolute great job from atc and crew.. some tense moments. God blesem
Jaina Brown 2
I'm not a pilot just a passenger since 1972. From the ATC recording it sounds like the pilot did a great job of flying the air craft. What ever caused the problem, the recovery is what matters. Six souls landed safely
John Manley 4
this is why I LOVE the 737.... a super easy aircraft to fly in a trim runaway situation. Reach down and push down the stab trim cutout switches, pull out the manual trim handles and then start rolling up the car window! lol :)
airuphere 1
If only ‘other’ infamous crews had that item to memory.
David Beattie 1
HEAR HEAR! Exactly right!
dmedders 2
Sadly, it seems we are not teaching bank angle for emergency pitch control.
Lou Krieg 1
The Cirrus standardized instruction program does teach that as a runaway trim response.
Lou Lundberg 1
Amazing job by ATC and pilots.
Brian Wilkes 1
Not the first time a E170/190 series jet has had a runaway trim set either!
WhiteKnight77 1
The pilots did exactly what they were supposed to do, fly the plane. They recognized that they had the issue, swapped who was flying and shut off the trim system to fly it in direct mode. Good job.

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airuphere 1
Exactly! Runaway trim on Boeing is a Memory Item... memory item.. not rtfm
Alex Ferris 1
E175 Aircraft don't have the MCAS system. The pilots did a fantastic job recovering. Pitch trim runaway right after rotation is one of the worst things that can happen. The MAX crashed due to pilot error, not pitch trim runaway right after takeoff. To even compare this to what happened to the MAX is just ridiculous.
Ben Bosley 9
Boeing didn't tell customers and pilots the MCAS system existed. How do you train on something you don't know is there.
airuphere 1
Because any failure of the MCAS system would be recognized by the flight crew as a runaway trim.. bottom line. Had they fully followed the memory items and stuck with it.. read the Lion Air report in full. You will see why despite the moves by Boeing, pilot error played a big part. Same plane, previous flight, had same issues and survived as the check pilot instituted the runaway trim procedure - then it went unreported to maintenxe so the pitot tube was not replaced, and when it happened again - the flight crew for whatever reason did not follow the procedure fully and we know the result. The PIC of that flight made many errors in the moment.. all in the report
How come pilot error?
Greg S 3
You should read the Lion air crash report. Pilot mistakes are only one part of the cause of the crash. MCAS' poor design was a significant contributor as well.
I see that your head is still firmly stuck up you rer end. Now pucker and we will all feel better.
william baker 0
Lovely Andy that was just lovely.
harold smith -3
Was it a trim runaway? Or did the pilots forget to reset the trim after landing! Should have caught it on the checklist and there should have been an out of range warning when they pushed the power up. But, stranger things have happened
Alex Ferris 5
It's not likely the trim was out of the takeoff range or they would have had a warning as soon as the throttles were moved to the TO position. The fact they had to switch to alternate trim means the primary trim probably went tits up at the worst time.
airuphere 1
Runaway trim for sure. Watch video. To have shut down systems 1&2 and be flying in direct mode.. also climbing to 14000 feet - definitely a fault of some kind.
Larry White -5
???? lolol


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