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Canada Institutes Airline Passenger Treatment Regulations and Compensation

Canadian airlines will soon have to compensate travellers if they fail to provide “adequate services.” This new federal regulation applies to passenger protections such as the right to receive compensations for cancelled or delayed flights, the right to complete their itinerary, and the right to a certain standard of treatment. ( More...

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I would love to see the fine print and how much wiggle room it gives to airlines. Three weeks ago our Lufthansa flight from YUL to MUC was cancelled just as boarding was about to begin because of trouble with one of the engines. When I claimed our compensation last week on Thursday afternoon,I got a call from Lufthansa on Friday morning to tell me that the claim was accepted. I should get the money very soon. Let’s hope Canadian Airlines will make the procedure as simple and fast.
Bob Hallissy 1
Was your compensation more than a refund of the ticket price? If more, was the extra due to regulation or Lufthansa's good will?
According to European regulations, the airlines owe you 600€ if you arrive at your destination more than 5 hours late. They also owe you a hotel room and food vouchers if you are delayed overnight.

So we were put up in a room for the night, had food vouchers for the day, and were re-routed to Geneva on Air Canada and then with TAP to our final destination, Lisbon, where we arrived 24 hours late.

This had happened to me before, with KLM, with a plane arriving too late at YUL, making my flight from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro impossible to catch. The difference for that occurrence was that claims in North America for Sky Team members are handled by Delta Airlines, and that was a very nasty experience.
Bob Hallissy 1
I appreciate your detailed response.

I would be afraid the EU regulations incentivize airlines into taking risks with faulty hardware or other safety concerns -- and I don't really want that. I much prefer what the article says about Canada's regs where "Certain delays will not require compensation but will require a standard of treatment be maintained, and the passenger’s itinerary completed. These include safety-related delays, such as mechanical issues or a safety call made by a pilot, ..."
This is not much different to European regulations, with the exception being mechanical issues, where the Europeans give less wiggle room to the airlines. If you want to have a close look, here’s the link:


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