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Trouble Brewing at LAX for Hawaiian Airlines

It is being reported that Hawaiian Airlines has new issues at overcrowded LAX, and has just been asked to move, against its will and prior agreement. This time, to a terminal that has no domestic baggage facilities. Luggage will be handled at another terminal, requiring significant additional time for passengers to transit by bus (to pick up luggage) and extra handling for Hawaiian. That and more. According to the multiple sources, Hawaiian, which admittedly only represents about 1% of LAX’s… ( More...

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matt jensen 9
Time to move to Ontario
wingbolt 9
I was thinking the same thing. Certainly there is a different airport in the area that would work. The airport authorities of most large airports are becoming a bunch of money hungry thieves. I guess it’s possible that all the airports in the LA Basin all fall under one airport authority, in that case everybody is screwed.
Chris B 9
LAX is a miserable place. Newark is a hellhole. Major international hubs treating people like a fast food drive through. What a terrible welcome to the US.
Frank Harvey 9
Apart from ground transport, my experiences at KEWR have been far better than two of my four experiences at KLAX. As Chris said KLAX presents a horrible "welcome" to the US, my worst ever arrival treatment, in any country, was at KLAX and I will do everything possible to avoid it for the rest of my life.

Quite a few years ago on the middle leg of YPPH-YMML-KLAX-KIAD I had to change a/c and terminals at KLAX necessitating passing through "Security" which was located right at the top of a stair tower. A line of Pax was formed at one side of the stairs with a TSA "guard" walking up and down making sure we stayed against the railing. He also ordered us in very poor broken English to remove our shoes, belts, and everything from our pockets ! So we're in a line, trying to shuffle up the stairs, in socks, holding our passports, boarding passes, phones, footwear, hand luggage, belts, wallets, change, and tissues etc, while making sure our beltless trousers didn't fall down, when he then starts yelling, up and down the staircase, ordering us to turn out our pockets ! I didn't even understand what he wanted until I saw other Pax pulling their pocket liners out so they hung outside their trousers. There were people, some foreigners visiting the US for the first time, dropping things, coins falling down the stairwell etc, as we put things down on the stairs or into our hand luggage, at least the women had handbags. A couple of Ozzies near me swore never to visit the US again ! The whole thing was extremely embarrassing and humiliating and, worse yet, totally unnecessary as at the top of the stairs we had to pass through one of the complete body scanners or submit to a "personal search" in a separate room somewhere ! And all this under the orders of a kapo who couldn't even speak English ! I have never been treated like this on entering any other country, and I once visited a friend in prison here in the US and was treated with far more courtesy and far less bullying and humiliation by guards, who could all speak English, than by this public servant at KLAX.
MSU Sparty 8
The payola of LA Govt continues. HA is getting screwed in this deal. AA already has a lousy performance record and stepping on HA to gain a little market share would be expected from AA. I hope HA prevails.
airlines have contracts with whatever city and airport system they use, as to where they will be located,where the baggage claim areas are,and a lot of other issues,including access to customs basically boils down to money and how much they will pay for gate space and ticket counter space and the like..if their contract is up,lax can ask them to move to a less desirable location in order to accommodate another carrier..if the contract terms are still valid,they might have to use their legal department to fight the move...!
patrick baker 4
several other better places to operate from in LA- they should just pick one. Or sue the airport as per their written contractural agreement, and let the port authority solve it.
linbb 3
Sounds like its time to move out of LAX they think the area is great. Many places better to fly out of too much traffic to and from just to get here. But hey like CA they think its the golden stete…………… other place like it, NOT
John Wyer 1
Totally the worst airport in the country. I avoid it at any cost.
Leo Cotnoir 1
Maybe Hawaiian should consider Santa Barbara which is the closest mainland airport to Hawaii.
Pa Thomas -5
A completely unsourced article.
linbb 6
A completely stupid comment of yours it seems.
James Simms 4
Then don’t waste any of your supposed precious time to read it.


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