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American Airlines: 700 Phoenix flight attendants will need to move

American Airlines says it will need to move more than 700 Phoenix-based flight attendants to other hub airports now that it has integrated the systems used to manage flight-attendant scheduling after the airline's merger with US Airways. The airlines merged in 2013, but the flight-attendant management systems did not. The two systems could not intermingle, and flight attendants could only be assigned to planes associated with their respective legacy airlines. Former US Airways flight… ( More...

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dee9bee 5
"Still, the news is likely to be concerning to the city of Phoenix, which stands to lose 700 residents."

How simplistic. The truth would be more like 2000 (just a guess) if they all moved out. The reality is that many, if not most will commute. I don't envy them and refused to commute during my career.
John D 4
I have a few friend that work for AA and say morale could not get much lower. I doubt this will help.
Jim T 1
Well the PHX base was a hold over of America West "Cactus" so I would not be surprised if most of them actually lived in the area. A lot of the AWA FA's had been with the company for decades so having to pickup and go to some less than appealing area probably isn't a choice they would want to make. AA always seemed to manage with a "take it or leave it because we don't care" attitude. It just gets worse as they merge with another airline and use unique "tactics" to get rid of whatever segment of employees they want gone. The favorite is to reassign to another crewbase. The ones they don't want get BOS, LGA, DCA, LAX or ORD. All the cities that have horrid weather, high cost of living, or are a nightmare to commute to.
Kennon Riley 2
What is the point of spinning this as if AA were mandating that FA's move immediately?
A lot of unhappy people already - what a great way to demoralize them more.
Jim T 1
AA has been such a devious carrier for years. Eastern first then TWA. Then USAirways who was still trying to get things with America West & Piedmont settled to throw everything up in chaos again. Watch AA will now change to a new reservation system and it will go completely "under the sea"
Ric Wernicke 1
What is AA thinking? When you add in the outlying cities to Phoenix there are over 2.5 million people that use Sky Harbor. They need people to work that territory. Phoenix is a destination, with people flying in every direction. If AA makes it stop over on longer routes they will be giving up what made America West and even US Air so popular there. The airline should allow those who want to move to do so easily, and allow those rooted in the community to remain. It will be better for business.

AA sure has fallen from the pinnacle they occupied in the 60's to one that is run by a cowboy with but two head of cattle.
sparkie624 1
Having had to go through similar moves, it is no fun... It is bad for the Phoenix area as well. that is a lot of people not only paying taxes, but purchasing goods and services that will be lost.
this is not an uncommon occurrence..airlines close bases or move people around all the time, and particularly after a the way, flight crews, both cockpit and flight attendant,often commute between where they live and the city in which they are based,by choice,not by being forced to do so..i have known many.many from both groups who were commuters, as they can always ride the jump seat if need be,and other travel is an employee benefit at no charge if they go in" needing to move", it only means they will have to fly out of another city to start and end their trip,not be forced to just requires planning on commute time when bidding for a schedule..also, flight crews do not work a 9-5 daily schedule,but generally 2 or 3 day trips with time in between..
Jim T 1
If they are A tier, often with 15+ years with the company less service than that and they are often B tier or Rapid Reserve where they don't know where they are going until they are called and then have 2 to 3 hours to get to the airport ready to work. I had a number of friends impacted when US and HP (america west) merged and it wasn't pretty.
jim..I do know that flight attendants with aa prior to the merger,had worked out a deal with the union and the company regarding "reserve" or "ready reserve" status..the old way was newly hired flight attendants were on a reserve status for approximately 2 years or more before being able to "hold" a schedule,and those employees generally did not commute for that reason,as they had to be as you said within a couple of hours of the airport where the flight began. with some input from the union and a new contract,it was then changed to be more accommodating with a one month on,one month off reserve status..i don't know if or how long you were with a carrier (maybe us air or hp),but the 2 "tiered" a or b staus was not a long standing existing policy for American,and there was a lot of flack as it affected pay scales and bidding for flight crews and ground personnel when it was implemented,and it was based upon your date of hire..i can only speak to the "old" american airlines,when they used to be "something special in the air"!best wishes...

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James Simms 6
Would laugh my azz off @ you if you had to do it, you’d probably would curl up in a fetal position crying softly. My late Father worked for a major oil company so we moved every 2-3 years. I went to two Kindergartens, four Elementary Schools, & two High Schools, making the last move over Christmas break of my Junior year in HS. Add on the times I moved in the Army to foreign locations, Stateside, four training tours in Panama, Temporary Duty for five months to Europe, plus activated & deployed to Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. You wouldn’t be man enough to pull all of the above off. Feel sorry for those that have to do it, but I’m @ the age where I don’t want to go through moving even though I don’t have any family around for support.
Kobe Hunte 1
i wish you were one of those people.. then you really would go "boo hoo"


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