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United Airlines flight attendants plan system-wide day of protest

More than 24,000 United Airlines flight attendants want management at the Chicago-based carrier to know the fight isn’t over yet to reverse a controversial move announced earlier this month to cut one flight attendant from staffing assigned to United's high-margin Polaris international business class cabin. United flight attendants who belong to the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) are planning a system-wide “day of action” on Dec. 13 to protest the staffing cuts and other issues that… ( More...

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canuck44 7
United would seem to have enough quality problems without nickel and diming the service end of the business. Rated near the bottom by Consumer Reports this month, one would think the suits would do everything possible to attract and retain the highest paying international customers.
ken young 3
Pffft....They don't care. As long as the value of the stock continues to rise, as far as those suits are concerned all is well.
United's rep is so poor, I would not fly that carrier if the fare was $0.00
robert klima 3
Me thinks good old UAL is shooting itself in the foot-again..That(Polaris class cabin service)is the last place you would cut service. But-obviously some bozo in the Ivory tower isn't aware of that fact..
Morris Floyd 1
The Polaris product is being scaled back in other ways too - some amenities “aren’t available on this flight,” or are available only by request. Polaris lounge development seems to be on hold (nothing at HKG for example), and meal options are few. I’ll bet if Asiana or ANA offered full top tier privileges to United 1K members there would be consiunumber who would switch, even if it means a connection flying to some destinations.
Hope my retirement checks keep coming, Thanks Guys for flying UAL !! While I was there Flight Attendants Uniforms came in Small, Medium , Large and International. Back in 66 when I started with another airline they still had weight control, too bad it went away !! Weight controls waorks, I am 83 and weight the same as I did when I retired from USAF at 60. You can do it try !!
uapilot -3
Yeah and you're the same quinessential SCHMUCK that will complain when his glass of wine is below 1/2 full!!

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Teri Mabry 4
Wow. that's just plain rude.
sensfan2513 3
From his body of work, I'd say the rest of us are lucky he doesn't weigh in with his takes more often. Selfish failure.
Teri Mabry 2
James Simms 2
Hey, one day you’ll be @ the age of those “old hags”; & no one will care (outside of family if you have any) whether you have a job, have health insurance, can physically help yourself, or care when you die. You’re time’s coming just like everyone else’s time is coming.

Need to look around @ your glass house before throwing stones.
Justthefacs -3
Simple solution, just quit. Pretty soon everything will be self serve. Little robots will be handing out hot towels. Airlines continue to hand out stock awards to boards that always side with management. It is not just United, it is bottom line accounting in all facets of business. Too much analysis and too little meaningful action. Consumers have no choice with the massive consolidation in the airline industry. A true monopoly exists.


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