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Mary Ellis, Legendary Female WWII Pilot, Passes Away At 101

One year before the Royal Air Force, RAF, was formed in the United Kingdom, Mary Wilkins was born. She would go on to be a trailblazer and true heroine of WWII as one of the few female fighter pilots in the war. Sadly, Mary Wilkins Ellis passed away on Tuesday at the age of 101....She served her country ( More...

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dardav 12
she flew fighter aircraft during WWII. What did you think she was doing, not evading enemy aircraft, not possibly ditching, not knowing if this was her last flight, all for the the the lads. Truly a real hero!!!
Randy Marco 4
Another one of the Greatest Generation!
mike bednar 2
Kevin Haiduk 2
What a great life. If I could only be so lucky.
unitcharlie 1
Fly west, Mary.... RIP
lyn williams 1
God Speed Mary Ellis.

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bentwing60 6
Why, she flew fighters.


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