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Air New Zealand loses two B787 Dreamliners to engine problem

Eariler this month, European aviation regulator EASA ordered airlines to carry out earlier than usual maintenance checks on a specific part of the Trent 1000 engine compressor. ( More...

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sueridge307 2
Just to update you being i work for air new zealand the company has many aircraft at its disposal to replace aircraft that either get grounded or maintenanced Air new zealand also have on standby other carriers to quickly charter aircraft from. It has the complete fleet of 787's being looked into but not grounded. While these aircraft under go these problems they will be replaced. We have already a A340 aircraft chartered helping with the Australian routes and British airways is being looked into for a b744 as well as UAL chartering a b777. These carriers are on standby when there needed.
bigturbineb744 -2
I don't always believe what the media say at all they exaggerate the truth for fame and money as does this third party media newspaper the Kiwi's have


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