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South African President Spotted in Economy Class

President Cyril Ramaphosa was spotted travelling to Durban in economy class on a Safair flight on Friday morning. Ramaphosa's co-passengers snapped photos with the president which were shared on Twitter. ( More...

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Rosemary May 2
Good for him
Shenghao Han 3
If all world leaders can do this, man kind would reach a new level of mutual understanding...
Of course, it is just a utopian thought. The only other president I think ever done that was the president of Switzerland

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dee9bee 1
President Nixon did the same thing in late 1973 during the first oil crisis, IAD-LAX flight on a UA DC10. Just a publicity stunt, really.
ian mcdonell 0
Most politicians should be in the hold in dog boxes
Chris B 0
Pruitt the EPA guy wouldn't like that one bit.
PLEASE do not be fooled by this marketing ploy. Ramaphosa just replaced Zuma as president after Zuma was fired. There is a huge jostle for votes as next year we are voting again. About a week later Zuma was doing the exact same thing. "Purely by coincidence" a newspaper photographer was on the same flight.

These are all political games here in South Africa where politicians are trying to win the votes.

I promise you, this is not the norm.
ian mcdonell -2
It is possible that since the government is broke that the airline refused to give him a free seat in the better classes
RECOR10 -5
I am sure if that was the case...judgement of a person based on network is mean and hateful. I am pretty sure that once Sally Struthers has finished eating she will be quite upset about how Africans are treated in a more western means of travel....
RECOR10 -3
'Net worth" not "Network"
John Thurston 0
Tell Justin Trudeau about this !!!


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