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Bones discovered on a Pacific island belong to Amelia Earhart

Bones discovered in 1940 once again have been scrutinized by a forensic computer program commonly used by forensic anthropologists across the globe. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 8
There is a strong possibility that the bones belonged to Earhart, but there is no proof since the bones have been lost and can’t be analyzed further. The only data on which the hypothesis relies are old measurements. The headline makes it sound as if the evidence is conclusive — it isn’t.
Craig Good -5
There is zero possibility that the bones are hers. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
Oh good, thank Christ we have an expert here to clear it all up for us.

Dan Grelinger 1
Takes one to know one, I guess.
George Gould 8
Yes and Elvis was on the island also!
George Gould 3
Randy Travis was there. "Digging up bones"
Jimmy Hoffa was seen there too, eating a Taylor ham, egg, and cheese...
royr2 7
I've been following this story for a long time. There's always this back and forth volley between TIGHAR's theory and Japanese capture, seems like new 'evidence' is produced each year in favor of one or the other. While I also agree with the TIGHAR theory, I don't feel like it's ever going to be proven 100% unless they find those bones (which they won't); or the Japanese come forward with solid historical records of their capture.

I believe it is Earhart and Noonan's final resting place. But maybe they are just lost in history, and supposed to stay lost. It will always intrigue us though, and that's the best part.
royr2 7
...or find the Electra.
linbb -2
Long ago years ago TIGHAR was proved to be doing nothing more that collecting money for no good reason other than to line there pockets.

One day they will go away along with those who contribute to them and the chem trail people.
Neil Klapthor 3
I'm curious about your comment regarding TIGHAR. They were very helpful in helping an Italian researcher identify the crew and plane shot down during WW2, from a B-17 ball turret gun he found 300' down on the bottom of an Italian lake. Eventually locating all the surviving family members, one of which was my wife's father who was the copilot. TIGHAR provided a lot of advice and information and one member was instrumental in the precise ID of the crew and plane. There was never any mention of money for doing this. If you fault them for taking contributions, well, people are free to give to whom they please, plus websites cost money to maintain. Is there some other reason for the "collecting money for no good reason other than to line there (sic) pockets" comment?
Kyle Beller 8
Every 6 months there is a new "breaking news" article about AE being discovered.
Chris King 3
Sounds about right
Mike Mohle 3
Does this mean the case is closed and we will NEVER need to hear about this again? I hope so.....
gerardo godoy 1
Wanna bet???
jagerardi 6
"based on educated guesses"

That's all this is, and by one man.

Earhart long ago settled to the deep ocean floor as fish poop.

WD Rseven 4
More fake news
Sadus 2
As others have said -- They lost the original bones, and are basing this completely on the length of bones that people recorded when they were found a long time ago. Not DNA.
You would think that they would at least include the photo they keep mentioning in the article.
clarify 0
This Google search brings it up:
shrudini 2
I can't believe it!
TWA55 2
She and Fred Noonan I believe crashed into the ocean and until I see something that can backup this current claim it is all hogwash. As for the Japanese capture, that is pure BS. And the TIGHAR project has so many holes in it follows a close second. I have only heard one theory backed up with navigational expertise that even comes close to a plausible explanation.
Reed Maxson 2
Skeptoid did a podcast on this. Here's the text, or can listen:
SFOBro 3
<Yawwwwwwn> Let her rest in peace. We will never know the true story. Plus, it's more fun to have the mystery.
TWA55 1
Isn't it about time that people understand some basics, Fred Noonan was no second rate navigator nor was AE a second rate pilot. The radio transmissions should be proof enough that they were no where near any island in sight. They took a calculated risk and came very close to success. It took a lot of skill to get as far as they did with the equipment of the day. These screw jobs and their theories should knock off with the crap and those who do not understand navigation should get educated before buying into this whole line of BS. Enough with the stupid conspiracy theories and the like.
The "oil can" used as a standard measurement of inseam appears different than today's gallon cans. I hope Science isn't being taken for a ride on this long, drawn-out story.
This is old news.
George Gould 1
Yea like 82 years ago.
Craig Good 1
It was irresponsible to post this TIGHAR bullshit in the newsletter. There is no mystery about where Amelia and Fred ended up: in the ocean. Period.

It seems that cranks will never give this one up, and scammers like TIGHAR are fleecing people with it. But just stop. Please.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Dan Grelinger 4
You mean, What makes an airplane fly?
JohnTrolinger 2
I know for sure that AMUs make my airplane fly.
Jack Carson 3
Dollars makes an airplane fly.

[This poster has been suspended.]

For anyone who believes the TIGHAR fantasy, try reading "Amerlia Earhart- The Mystery Solved", by Elgen Long.

It's pretty obvious to me that she ditched, probably northwest of Howland. Without GPS, that would be a tough flight to do today.

It would have been a long odds flight, if everything had gone perfectly. Unfortunately, it didn't. Among them:

-Had to leave Lae with one fuel tank only half full, because she needed the 100 octane fuel in it for the hot/humid takeoff in Lae (Only 87 octane available there).

-Higher than forecast headwinds.

-A pilot and crew that didn't understand how the HF radio/equipment worked. (some things never change......)

-Miscommunication over frequencies to be used, and at what times.

-During the search, it was discovered that the nav charts had Howland in the wrong place

- A low overcast north and over the island.

- The signal fire didn't put smoke in the air, where it could bee seen.

-Floatplanes from the USS Colorado flew over Gardner/Nikamuroro on July 9. How much water were they able to get off the airplane, assuming the even survived the ditching?. Could they survive a week on a raft with little or no water?

Then, didn't survive the ditching. A good chance she was knocked unconcious by striking her head against the radio control head, mounted just above the top edge of the windshield. No shoulder harnesses back then. Read "The First Team", and see how many F4F pilots sank with their airplanes after survivable ditchings, or had their faces rearranged by striking the gunsight.

Paul Allen would do the world a gigantic favor by running his research boat up to Howland, and continuing to sonar search north of the island.

Of course, this would drive the nails in the coffin of TIGHAR's little cottage industry.
gerardo godoy 0
Bullshit!!!! after so many years this "Scientist or Scientists" who want Fake News coverage comes with his idiotic bones theory. C' on how dumb do this guy or guys the public at large is.
There are so many theories on how this wonderful pilot and Lady died its impossible to ever know what really happened to her. So the speculaion will continue with these brainless goons tryng to become famous. What a bunch of you'll know what!!!..Fake News!!! Be aware!!!!!
Mort Young 1
Now and then I tell Amelia I miss her, which I do. That's all I can do.
gerardo godoy 0
By the way, Don't fall for the " TIGHAR's" they are Tigers after your money, that's their main purpose, it has been for years....Don't give them a Penny!!!!!!
charlie lange 0
It may be her. It may not. Where's MH370? And what does Putin have on your president tRump?


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