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Plane gets a bovine licking after emergency touchdown

A herd of beef cattle at Te Horo, Kāpiti, surround a plane that touched down in their paddock on Sunday. A herd of beef cattle did what they do when a plane touches down in their paddock - they got licking. It was Sunday afternoon and Bryn Whyman was sitting at his Te Horo, Kāpiti, home looking out the window. "All of a sudden we saw a plane coming down onto the [paddock]," he said. ( More...

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Jeff Hartman 13
Did the pilot declare an emooogency?
Paul Smith 4
My head hurts with that one!
SorenTwin 3
Aw, Geez. Take my +1 and get outta here......
Knut Meyer 6
Hardly a "crash" landing as stated by one person. Obviously does not know the difference between a crash (broken and cut up aeroplane) and a very well executed touch down [:>)
I trained as a pilot in New Zealand back in the 1990s and it was a lot of fun, but very challenging. There's one airport with train tracks running across the runway; you have to watch for the signal and break off your approach if a train is coming.

With the changeable weather, hilly terrain and very few airports, it's not hospitable if you lose an engine. But the people are so friendly and laid back, it was a really amazing place to live.
barnardkarl 5
They just wanted to beef up the plane!
Alan Hume 5
Doesn't look like a "crash landing" to me, but rather a very well-executed emergency landing. Here in Australia, aircraft land on paddock airstrips all the time as a matter of course. In fact being in NZ the paddock there was possibly a lot better and safer than some of the "bush strips" in Oz.
James Simms 5
Will Hotch 3
"The pilot was calm and explained that they liked to lick planes." Was his name Dagg?
I can't wait to go back to NZ.
Leon Kay 3
The New Zealanders do boast that their sports teams normally licks any opposition.
alex hidveghy 2
Especially the All Blacks Rugby team!
8984p 3
I'll bet this was a truly mooving experience for all parties
Joel Morrison 3
Any licking you can walk away from is a good licking.
Jim Nasby 2
Curious bovine is a known hazard in the sailplane community.
Peter Maas 2
cows thought a block of salt landed.
Peter Maas 0
quality beef
Daniel Stein 1
I seem to remember the technique for x-wind landings with a forward slip: Bank into the wind and apply full opposite udder... If you get my drift. Don't want to end up a 'cows celebre'. Watch out if the aircraft is a jumbo, like a Bovine 747.


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