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Southwest testing faster deplaning process at San Jose, Sacramento airports

I Am throwing it out there to the crowd... how would you unboard a plane faster Answer Here ( More...

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blueashflyer 3
Dual door deplaning (as in two doors), or Duel door deplaning (as in it's a contest to get out)? - Southwest statement uses both terms
Mandy Porter 2
Given past events on Southwest flights, either could be valid.
Albany has a dual jet bridge at one gate. works well.
Mike Mohle 2
Well it does work quite well at Burbank. Surprised it took some genius this long to implement the same system at other airports. Now we just need the same for the widebodies. That would really speed things up for 3x the number of pax.
Highflyer1950 2
Dual loading and unloading has been around for decades. Problem is getting the pax from the ground level back up to the arrivals level at most terminals. Then you have those who would just wander off into the path of a ramp vehicle. Also requires more personnell to watch over the pax. The more expensive front seated pax will stay dry but the rear deplaners will get soaked. System works extremely well if you have both ramp level airstairs and ramp level terminal access. The B737 could get turned in the time it took to refuel.
flyinkizziah 2
rest of the world has been doing this for years, we're just too in love with our nice safe jet bridges here stateside
Chip Fricke 2
As has been pointed out by Highflyer1950, this system has been around for years. Alaska has been using dual deplaning for years at SJC. I recall it was used both for boarding and deplaning at MSN before the a terminal with jetways was built.
eccsandiego 2
I recall several international flights during the past 2 years when different classes boarded through different jetways, and I assume also deplaned the same way upon arrival at the destination. I can't swear to the latter, though, because I wasn't paying attention and only wanted to get off after those 10+ hour flights!

(And yes, those were widebodies, some with upper decks, and I was amazed how quickly everyone boarded resulting in early departure.)
James Howard 1
I remember getting on and off 747s at Dulles in the early 1980s, with their "mobile lounges". They drove one up to every door on the plane. Everyone got off and into the terminal quickly, but it sure was manpower intensive.
dbkoob 1
I want to add to this JFK has 2 door level entrances/exits for international. Flights but i have never seen them use the upper door.
eccsandiego 1
I've definitely used the upper door within the past 2 years. I think it was BA 282 from LAX to LHR.
dbkoob 1
Also, remember if you have any ideas please post them by going to the link above. Copy/paste to your browser.
This is the normal procedure at Franz-Joseph-Strauß airport in Munich and has been for years. Most gates have dual jet bridges, but it is also often used for larger single isle aircraft when remote deplaning and busing passengers to the terminal.


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