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Canada says it may drop $2B Boeing fighter deal over CSeries subsidy dispute

Boeing must be very worried about the C-Series for this would just be a starter in the dispute. WestJet and Air Canada are buying a lot of Boeing products which could be made subject to duty giving Airbus a foot back into the market of which they have been out for the foreseeable future. ( More...

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chalet 4
And then there is always the Grippen as a less costly alternative than the F-18 (forget about the F-35 that the Canadian Government quite correctly discarded it as a waste of money)
Glenn Blum 3
When Boeing did in DHC, the Canadian government should never entertained the idea of business with Boeing.
Dale Martell 3
And Boeing is subsidized by the US military. How many 707's would they have built if the KC135 wasn't bought? How many 767 tankers are they buying after cancelling the 330? Buy the Typhoon.
brian Gaskill -5
Then let them buy F-35's...
canuck44, you have absolutely no idea what youre talking about. what does this have to do with WA or AC..? Airbus has the same issue with bombardier as Boeing and Embraear. Canadian citizens are the ones who should be upset...after all the 10's of billions given to bombardier over the years (inc. DeH) with your tax money.
Stay in your lane...
canuck44 4
You obviously have great difficulty with simple political games and even less about economics. First of all Canada looks like it has already dumped the F-35 which never did meet the needs of the RCAF with a combat range of less than three zip codes. There is no point overloading your mind with Canadian geography so try to work that out on your own. It is the country in pink just above the USA on the map.
Secondly, Quebec got 49.5% of the program for its money, no different than if it bought a portion of any other company. The Feds are into it for know, kind of like going to a bank, you are expected to pay it back unless you are one of the "green" companies guaranteed by the US taxpayer or Boeing's subsidies from the Import-Export Bank.
Finally, if Boeing is looking to impose an import tax on the C-series products, NAFTA permits Canada to impose "countervailing" tariffs on imports to Canada. (Look up US milk exports and Canadian softwood imports and you will get the idea...maybe.)
In case you are still wondering after you digest the multisyllable words, both Air Since Canada and WestJet are buying Boeing Aircraft and if duties are imposed on them, it will make Airbus purchases cheaper. If a response to a duty imposed at Boeing's request results, the countervailing duty will be designed to hurt Boeing.
My response to your "order" to "stay in my lane" is not printable, but would consist mostly of monosyllables even you might comprehend.
Canada wouldn't even have to do the tariff game. They could simply make 18 inch wide seats mandatory for every flight over 90 minutes, making a wide range of Boeing products uncompetitive. Of course this action would be purely in the interest of public health, and who can be against that?
Glenn Blum 2
I agree.
Roy Hunte 2
What a well said response, I love the last paragraph.
matt jensen 1
Here, here!!
brian Gaskill -1
4+4 doesnt equal 'C'. And while I can appreciate your homage to Lloyd Christmas, skirting around my comments by giving vague, wikipedia answers that dont actually address the point, isnt a great response. Can you show me where Canada is out of the F-35 program..? They arent, at least not yet. Which is why they will never cancel the F-18 order. They are threatening that because, in fact, they have no counter to the potential duty. Fact is, Canada needs those birds more than Boeing needs to sell them (see your zipcode range comment above).
You do understand what a countervailing tariff is, right..? Its not a 'counter' to an anti-dumping duty. Canada's allowed response to a duty would be to prove that Bombardier isnt practicing predatory pricing. Nafta, in no way, allows a country to impose a tariff simply based on response...which makes your final paragraph moot.
...and who gets so upset about a comment that they describe their response as 'not printable'..? Very apparently someone who has no clue what he's talking about. And for the record...its not "multisyllable words", its "multisyllabic words".


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