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Emergency landing in Ohio leads to cocaine discovery, 2 Quebecers arrested

Two men from Mirabel, Québec, were charged Thursday in a U.S. federal court after authorities in Ohio discovered more than 90 kilograms of cocaine inside the small airplane they were flying in when it was forced to make an emergency landing in the United States. The plane landed at Ohio University Airport, in Albany, Ohio, Wednesday afternoon. According to Canadian aviation records, the plane is based in Lachute and is registered to Sylvain Desjardins, of Mirabel. ( More...

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George Scott 11
Tabernack! Je suis stupide!
joel wiley 5
Ne dit pas les excréments quand tu veux dire merde!
The local dialect would be more like "tabarnak s'ti"
dval18 1
joel wiley 7
"Desjardins has a criminal record in Quebec that includes convictions for drug trafficking".
2 years for trafficing heroin. 14 months for producing and possessing pot.
He gonna find things are different down South of de Border, down Amerigo way (with apologies to Gene Autry).
I wonder if the mechanical problem will affect the plane's price in the asset forfeiture auction.
Greg Held 3
How could he even have his pilots License or a Medical with drug convictions
Henry Dupuis 5
Unfortunately there is nothing to stop him from acquiring a pilot's license, and certainly a medical does not require a background check. What I am certain of though is that he would be banned from entering the U.S. with a criminal record, especially the one that he has. It was his intention to land in Windsor (my home airport), I am not certain if he expected to only have a cursory inspection there, but that is still a huge risk. Looks good on him to have this happen and have his plane seized.
Bernie20910 7
RCMP should now be looking very closely at who would have been on duty in Windsor when this aircraft arrived, especially who would have been conducting the Customs inspection. You don't fly in 132 kilos of coke and hope the Customs agent just won't notice.
joel wiley 3
... on a regular schedule
cos3asg 3
Pair of friggin' losers. Look at the face on Desjardins: he knows the jig is up and he's headed back to the crowbar hotel. Hopefully, this time they'll throw the bum in there so deep that the guards will have to bring sunshine in to him on a tray. As we say in Quebec, "paire d'ostie de bozos."
Reed Maxson 5
Trump is going to build a very TALL WALL on the Canadian border.
btweston 2
And the voices in his head are going to pay for it.
indy2001 2
Welcome to the US. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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indy2001 9
That's a ridiculous exaggeration based on ignorance of what America is actually like. Stop believing everything the media feeds you. I've lived in the US for 62 years, in both urban and suburban settings, and have never seen a gun in public (except on law enforcement officers) or known anyone who had been shot or even threatened with a gun. If anyone was going to be shot, it would have been the two losers mentioned in the story.
Jesse Carroll 2
Yeah numb nuts, just like any other place in the world!
You just can't fix "stupid", can you!
Don't get all excited, Dirty Harrys. Statistics are, what, for every one caught, 99% are successful. The war on drugs is as big a failure as prohibition was in the 1920's. Drugs are BIG business: big profits, big demand, and that's never going to change. Sad, but true.
joel wiley 5
132 kilos 'intercepted' is the cost of doing business, however hard it is on the mules. This one just happened to fall into the DEA's lap but helps justify their budget and tactics. The aircraft reportedly has made several trips along this route.
Please US don't send this crap back to us where they would only get a slap on the wrist. Lock them up and throw away the key. Sorry all you drug users and abusers that what they deserve.
Amy Friend 1
Good thing we're building the wall in the southern border.
patrick baker 1
I think they needed a better plan, a better airplane, and a great deal more thought put into this caper. Then, like the instrument rated pilots they probably are, they should have canceled the flight due to lack of possibility of a successful outcome.
AwesOme...hope they rot in jail ...any drug dealer / pusher should receive the Death Penalty !!!!
honza nl 0
alcohol is also a drug so all alcohol-users then maybe also to death?
Apples vs oranges. Legal vs illegal. Dealer vs user.
btweston 1
That's a little extreme.
I'll bet it would prove that extreme punishment IS a deterrent to crime. Lol
joel wiley 2
Not necessarily, but it would reduce the recidivism rate.
m r 1
I could use a cheap piper twin courtesy of US government. I'll pay to fix the mechanical issue. These guys have not watched cocaine cowboys obviously aye!
Bernie20910 1
This one will likely wind up in the DHS fleet.
paul gilpin -2
see eye aye contractors. nothing to see here. move along.


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