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Boeing Rolls Out the First 737 MAX 9

On Tuesday March 7, Boeing rolled out the 737 MAX 9, the second variant of the family aircraft, as the manufacturer announced its plans for a MAX 10X. ( More...

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Todd Royer 2
The nose gear is slightly longer, they had to accommodate the larger fan on the engines
Cade foster 1
Does this model sit higher off the ground than the Next Gen 900's?
I don't believe so, setting the airframe higher implicates major design changes to the airframe, so I think they decided to go with the baseline fuselage and gear design. I'm not completely certain on this though.
Harrell54 1
NLG is longer to provide clearance for larger engine diameter.
gerardo godoy 0
copying the Airbus 350-1000?
shebejammin 1
Really? Seriously? Come on now and get over yourself...


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