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DB Cooper may have worked at Boeing

Citizen scientists examining the JC Penney tie of DB Cooper have found particles that may place him at Boeings SST's project. ( More...

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The airplane was a NWA Boeing 727 with a rear door that extended down to the tarmac to allow passengers to enter or disembark. Many such doors were subsequently disabled. I doubt Cooper had a happy landing, but he did have guts. I couldn't do that.
Highflyer1950 6
Actually, and if memory serves me correctly, the rear ventral strairs were usually lowered at the gate to act as a tail stand. When the pax loaded rear to front, there was a chance that with little fuel load the aircraft could settle on it's tail. It was also used if airstairs were not readily available. While on the theory road, I guess a flight engineer or second officer may have lost his medical, had extensive knowledge of the workings of the ventral stairs and was probably ex military and probably worked for another airline at some point...........tales from the past.
In the last decade I flew in an Ecuadorian Boeing 727 from Quito to the Galapagos with entry and exit using the back stairway. Of course I thought of you know who. I may have been the only passenger om board who knew how those stairs were once used.
MrTommy 1
Careful Jim, you're showing your age . . .
I was born on Orangemen's Day July 12, 1930, a long time ago. Herbert Hoover was president. My first airplane ride in a Piper Cub with floats in 1942 at 12 years of age. I paid two dollars for about twenty minutes. Google my full name, Walter James Murray. Minnesota Historical Society. Scroll down a bit for more. I'LL be careful.
Brian Drewry 1
Correct. The rear stairs on the 727 doubled as a tail stand.
Highflyer1950 1
Thx, Brian.
dee9bee 6
Many more 727s were fitted with a simple, automatic, aerodynamically operated gadget that made the airstairs impossible to open inflight. It was even known as the 'Cooper Vane'.
dee9bee 3
I realize there have been many forensic advances in the last 45 years, but if 'Cooper' really worked for Boeing, wouldn't that have been discovered by now? If true, he certainly would have had no problem operating the rear stairs :-)
dee9bee 3
Amelia Earhart, DB Cooper, MH370, the list grows...
David Barnes 2
I've said for several years (since the 40th anniversary and again last year when the FBI announced they were going to just shelve the case) that, after all these years, the FBI should offer amnesty to Cooper if he comes forward with credible evidence, and details how he did it.

Learning what the FBI has missed for nearly a half century would make them smarter going forward, and it would satisfy the unending curiosity of many (myself included).
patrick baker 1
What if DB Cooper is just teasing us with the tantalizing metal residue on the tie clasp; what if he borrowed or stole it from someone in the sst project at boeing, with the high hopes of creating a false trail? It is farfetched, no doubt, but this story, when and if it is unraveled, will surprise us in many ways. The universe of people who understand 727 operations, are capable skydivers,and whatever else we have overlooked throughout the years, is great fiction, and better crime story.
Josh Fisher 1
Of course, this story is absolutely true because you're reading it in the Daily Mail:
Glenn Charles 1
He is old but I think he made it. Perhaps the money found got away from him during the turbulence of the jump. Gutsy man!
laferrierem 0
Some more good reading on DB Cooper. Seems this case will likely never be totally solved. Some of the comments are just as good as the article.


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