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Did Nazi Germany Actually Try to Make a Stealth Fighter?

Reimer Horten moved to Argentina after the war, and in 1950 wrote an article for the Revista Nacional de Aeronautica arguing that wooden aircraft would absorb radar waves. Thirty years later, as the theory behind stealth aircraft became more widely known, Reimer wrote that he had intentionally sought to make the Horten flying wing into a stealth plane, claiming that he had even constructed the airframe using a special radar absorbent mixture of carbon, sawdust and wood glue without notifying his… ( More...

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Although labelled "Stealth" both the Gothta 229 and current compatriots B2 etc were designed to cheat the radar designs at the time. Nothing is ever truly stealth that makes noise and flys, they are jut designed get further towards their target before being noticed.


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