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PSA Airlines, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of American Airlines, Announces Industry-Leading Pay For New-Hire Pilots

PSA Airlines today announced significant changes to its pilot pay program, including industry-leading wages for new-hire pilots, an increased sign-on bonus for new recruits and retention bonuses for First Officers and Captains to create a top-tier compensation structure – marking a monumental milestone for the airline. ( More...

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dmanuel 6
Finally, these folks are getting recognition as professionals, not day laborers. Big commitments and expense were normal for them, yet until now, they were making far less than some unskilled positions (yet they had scores of lives in their hands). Let us hope Adam Smith was right and the other carriers wake up.
Bryce Johnson 4
Many of the carriers have woken up and increased their pay across the board. With the added sign on and retention bonuses, many airlines can offer livable wages. The best thing is that all the carriers need pilots, so they have to continue to compete in order to staff or they will fall into the abyss.
ADXbear 5
Wow, I never thought Id see this day.. congrats to your guys, now maybe some can consider a regional airline a career stop, not a stepping stone.. I wonder what their dispatchers will be earning?
can't imagine what the pay was ?

New pilot pay package includes an immediate 56 percent increase in first-year wages, substantial cash retention and sizeable bonuses.
Guy Cocoa 2
The old PSA on the west coast was a fun airline.
Cecil Clark 4
Good on increasing the pay to a less embarrassing wage than before. But it's still way too low. Love of flying can't override the professional pilot's financial indebtedness equivalent to a law school or medical school degree---with the prospects of earning less than a kindergarten teacher upon being hired.
dee9bee 1
Timing is everything and I guess I was 35 years too early. I was a SD330 Captain when I was hired by a major as a 'B' scale Flight Engineer. It was a raise in pay!
Good on them.
Does this mean I should go to the airlines?
dee9bee 1
If you're being sarcastic, please disregard. Pay is the LAST reason you should consider going to the airlines...
mark hopkins 1
it is 1968 all over again. TWA and UAL would hire private pilots and PAY for their additional tickets. Also the FEIA got airlines to allow flight engineers to upgrade to pilot and PAY for their training to proficiency.
john Gargiulo 1
Great they should pay more, but they should also pay on experience, time in jet aircraft and total time. Quit hiring minimum hour pilots, the only reason they are doing this is a shortage of pilots.
john Gargiulo 1
You take the best of the best, and pay for better training. Some pilots just never get the true feel of flying, some do. Look the Sully he had the feel of flying, most could not have done what he did
True, he did. but he also had what? close to 40 years of flying, and 20,000 hours of stick time? That takes, well, time and pilots need that time to develop.

And the regionals have less "buying power" than the national carriers. Sure they want the best of the best (of the best...with honors) but as you said, with the shortage, the BEST go where they can be compensated the best (national, or heck do foreign carriers have better pay?) and after the deepest pockets get their fill, the next in line takes the best, and it all trickles down.
I must question how they can hire "more experienced" pilots if there is a pilot shortage. Or do you mean they should be competing with their "parent" carrier airline?
from reading the article,this is a really great "hire on" package with psa..regionals are not known for paying their pilots as much as the trunk carriers,so this is good news for them..i remember the old psa with its smiley face jets and great employees..have not been on the regional..
30west 1
Mary Susan,

The original PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) and the original Piedmont Airlines became part, merged (?), of the the old UsAir. UsAir retained the the rights to those corporate names. The old UsAir had wholly-owned subsidiaries including Jetstream International Airlines in Dayton, OH and Henson Airlines in Salisbury, MD.

In the past few years, US Airways decided to use those corporate names, as a marketing tool IMO, and tagged JIA as PSA and Henson as Piedmont.

AA has used the livery of the many airlines that became part of American over the years by painting a handful of their jets in each of the historic paint schemes of PSA, Piedmont, TWA, Reno, UsAir, America West, vintage AA, etc.


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