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Qantas to cancel final eight A380 orders

More bad news for Airbus as Qantas CEO Alan Joyce confirms the industry's worst-kept secret: he won't be buying the remaining eight A380s long-earmarked as 'options' for the Aussie airline. ( More...

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If they ever decided they needed some additional A388 capacity their partner Emirates will have a plentiful supply of well maintained but 10+ year old aircraft to choose from. The 12 current aircraft have high utilization and as they age their dispatch reliability will be impacted. Having a couple of well priced aircraft might make some sense. IMHO
Geoff Healey 1
Hopefully they'll go for Boeing instead. More expensive, but as Sybil Fawlty told Basil; you get what you pay for. Every time I get on an Airbus I find them flashy-looking but cheap in terms of build quality. Meanwhile, a 20-year-old Boeing plane is usually a LOT more comfortable and almost certainly more reliable. End of story.
Ian Deans 2
Geoff Healey, your comment is pure rubbish. Airbus quality is right up there. Enough said.
I agree with Ian Deans, I think Geoff Healey maybe looking a bit one eyed:-) Nothing like being proud of your own country, but we should be honest and maintain an equal balance to maintain our credibility. Thank goodness Boeing and Airbus make good and safe aircraft, although and I am an Aussie, I do prefer Boeing, you know the old saying 'if it ain't Boeing I'm not going', they just seem like a more solid aircraft, but I do travel by Airbus occasionally. Everyone, have a nice day and fly safely either as pilot, crew or passenger. May whoever your God is bless America and bless Australia..
Roy Hunte 1
They won't cancel them outright, the article says they will just keep pushing them back for the next 10 years or so..., the article headline is a bit misleading.
canuck44 0
Keep pushing them out and Airbus will probably end the program once the Emirates dance card is full.
Eric Crone 0
anndrew carter - maate - check on: there v their v they're
they don't want the A388'S the secret was reveled the running cost of maintaining them was more then there B744's and there fuel efficiency is higher also the Amercia's routes are struggling to keep up pax loading flying half or sometimes quarter full from KJFK/KDFW/YSSY KLAX/KDFW/KJFK also renewing there fleet the love making money but if you look at there real profits this comes from inside the board of directors of Qantas and there un named financial share holders who keep the airline up and running. Not so much the fare paying passengers even there domestic market is down
Matt Dalton 1
Qantas operates A388 to KDFW and KLAX. They operate B744 from KLAX to KJFX. A388 Operate out of YMML and YSSY to KLAX. B744 operate out of YMML, YSSY, and YBBN to KLAX. Qantas doesn't operate from KDFW to KJFK, you'd need to change to American for that leg.
Ian Deans 1
Matt, I wish you would use the IATA standard 3-letter city-airport codes that most of us understand.
Geoffrey Luck 1
Please punctuate and spell correctly. It's difficult to know what you're saying.


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