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Easyjet Airbus A-320 near Lisbon on Jun 8th 2016, engine shut down in flight

An Easyjet Airbus A320-200, registration G-EZOZ performing flight U2-7612 from Madrid,SP (Spain) to Lisbon (Portugal) with 174 passengers and 6 crew, was enroute at FL310 about 150nm northeast of Lisbon when the crew needed to shut an engine (CFM56) down. The aircraft drifted down to FL230 and continued to Lisbon for a safe landing on runway 03 about 30 minutes after leaving FL310. ( More...

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Che Jackson 1
So where's the button that says "That was easy?"
The pommey's never could urinate in the same direction.
Considering the fact that one of the CFM56 Engines was at the root of the incident and bearing in mind that CFM International is a joint venture between GE Aviation, a division of General Electric of the United States and Snecma, a division of Safran of France, your remark about the British makes not much sense.


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