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‘Drunk Armed US air marshal removed from flight to LA’

A US air marshal, who was armed with his service weapon, reportedly was removed from a passenger jet at Heathrow because he was allegedly intoxicated. Metropolitan police officers were called to a Los Angeles-bound plane at Terminal 2 after the United Airlines captain claimed a man was trying to board under the influence of alcohol. A police spokesman said the man was breathalysed and arrested, but released from custody a short time later with no further action. Police were called after the… ( More...

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canuck44 2
I guess after the Egyptair 804 with three onboard, the suggestion has been there might have been a prisoner being escorted which could well have been why there were four on a single flight.
canuck44 1
One of four on board? Maybe their motto should be "Why have one when four will do?"
John Reilly 1
"leaving passengers upset"

With what?The fact that the captain put safety first? Oh dear, oh dear. Poor lambs.
What were the other three armed marshals doing? - are they not responsible for safety on board?


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