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LAX to SFO flights from United Airlines move to biofuel blend

On Friday, United Airlines announced that its flights between Los Angeles International Airport and San Francisco International Airport will now be partly powered by a biofuel mix supplied by an LA-based company called AltAir Fuels. United runs four or five flights between LAX and SFO every day, and it will fill these planes up with a combination of 30 percent biofuel and 70 percent traditional jet fuel, according to the Washington Post. The biofuel portion of the mix will be made with a range… ( More...

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lowering the life of a turbine engine ?
Gayla Maas 2
When maintenance and replacement costs increase, it is going to prove to be an expensive experiment.
Ronnie B. 2
Hopefully that garbage works better in airplanes then it does in cars.
Thomas, in what type of application?
Thomas Huehl 1
Biodiesel in pick-up trucks and tractors. Ethanol in automobiles (E85).
Thomas Huehl 0
I've used Biodiesel and Ethanol blended fuels consistently without consequence. I hope this goes well!


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