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Watch These Jetmen Fly Wing-to-Wing With an Airbus A380 Above Dubai

Well, this is insane. In this video, Jetman pilots Yves Rossy and his protegeVince Reffet fly wing-to-wing with an Airbus A380, the world’s largest airliner. It’s incredible. ( More...

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Mike Mohle 4
Stay out of the wake and away from those big air suckers under the wings too!
Nige Lites 4
Brief 'Making Of'
So, these guys didn't just say "Hey, lets chase that 380"
Seems a little more thought went into it.
babyracer 4
Now there's a publicity stunt that'll be hard to top :D
Scott Sawyer 3
If it helps, there is a trick in photography where you use a long lens (over 400mm) and the longer the lens the flatter the items in the image looks. In reality they were close from an aircraft perspective but the long lens made it look a lot closer. My $.02 as a semi pro photographer and air enthusiast.
Oh, here you go with these pesky "facts" ;-) you take all of the fun out of the over dramatic conjecture.
Chris Coash 3
Look at all the fun things you can do wihout the FAA in the way :)
Tom Lull 2
Bet DARPA is trying to arm the damn thing.
Tim Kenyon 2
Wake turbulence? Anybody remember the XB-70 accident? Wow.
memairport 1
A daring feat very well captured on camera & good editing too :-)
John Berry 2
I con think of so many ways that that could have ended badly. <shudder>
Chris wilding 1
Couldn't you say that about any flight in those jet packs?
McBlemmen -1
Yup... it's impressive but shouldnt be legal
Tom Lull 2
How dull and backward would the world be if that was the standard for everyone.
Jared Smith 3
Ah yes, the first thing we should do with our liberty is use it to stifle other people's liberties.
ramiro agudo 1
Me parece buena la idea ya será un vuelo directo
Serán 17 horas de vuelo pero estoy seguro que pensarán a todas las comodidades.
jbqwik 1
Remember the 1930's craze wing walking?
What I don't understand is the Emeriates connection.
Nige Lites 4
Jetmen sponsored by Skydive Dubai, presumably sponsored by 'Dubai Inc.'
Emirates, some say, sponsored by Dubai Inc.'
Dubai Inc. - shameless self-publicist.

Imagine the scene;
Some Skydiving Dudes chatting -
"Jetman is the worlds smallest manned 4 engine Jet, how cool to have a couple flying with the worlds largest 4 engine passenger jet..."
"I know a bloke with a few 380's, perhaps he'd lend us one for an afternoon..."
"Yeah, I know another bloke with a Go-Pro, maybe he could film it for us..."
A few 'What are you doing next Friday' phone calls later...
Jim Powers 1
This is a great movie. The jetmen were flying well out of the Airbus wingtip vertices and far from the engine intakes. I'm sure that it was well coordinated with safety being paramount both in their briefing and execution. Wish I would be able to do that; both flying the jet pack and the Airbus.
gerardo godoy 1
Thanks Scott, if you are right, then it was fairly sfe I guess. Anyway I'll never fly that airline!!!
Tom Lull 1
How many minutes of powered flight do these jetpacs have?
about 10-15
Steve Biggs 1
Good points all, but the apparent GoPro video with its wide angle lens shot from a Jetman mounted camera looked pretty close. Would love to know what kind of chase plane/camera set up took the other footage.
dodger4 1
That's the most thrilling vid I've watched on YouTube for a long time. WILD!!!
Jeffrey Bue 1
Amoc Sivunna 1
I agree with Scott Sawyer.
Gary Peters 1
Really shows some of the amazing things that man is capable of.
Harry Thomas 1
That is the most beautiful thing I've seen today and it is the end of the day.
Great Stuff
Es demasiado peligroso el vuelo tan cercano de las aeronaves. A la velocidad que se desplazan, cualquier error minimo de cualquiera de los pilotos puede causar una tragedia
Good thing they didn't get caught in an engine!
BOYCOTT DUBAI NOW !!! Land of slave labor
memairport 1
What ever happened to wing tip vortices? :)
skypejp 1
I know both Yves and his apprentice Vince personally. Their home base is the small aerodrome of Bex (LSGB) in Switzerland. They do their practice flights out of a Pilatus Porter. This happens to be my home base as well when I'm in Switzerland. Here are some pictures I took of them.
brian Gaskill 1
I get the size difference but I'd rather see this with the 777. The 380 is so ugly...
Arsun Adaklı 1
Hope that this does not motivate the dark forces to an unbelievable kind of hijacking...
McBlemmen 2
Nah , the aircraft was flying very slow (look at flaps) and even if someone could get up to an airliner in flight i dont see them opening the door and getting in with that whole wingsuit on
30west 2
Wing suit or not, Don't worry! It is impossible to open a door or an over-wing exit from either the inside or the outside of a pressurized airliner.
Fly by with your special jet pack and C4 laden vest...look into the window...scream "Bless be Allah" and receive your virgins...
M.F. LaBoo 1
You're wasting your time commenting in here when you could be running the CIA.
Can I use you as a reference when I email my resume in?
Mike Mohle 1
Wait till the next "Bond" movie, they will figure it out!
FlyBoyDC10 -2
Very very stupid stunt. Entertaining to the general public,damaging to the aviation community. They hope to sell a jet pack or two, at the expense of you know who. Emirates just want to take over the world. They don't have a clue either.
gerardo godoy -3
A Very Stupid Feat!!!!!...One mistake and BOOOMMMM!..idiotic to say the least.
You could say that about driving 70mph to work, or, any other flight (just ask Sully)
kurtgavino15 -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

The Emirates A380 and Jetman Dubai take to the skies of Dubai for an unprecedented formation flight

The Emirates A380 and the Jetman Dubai duo recently took to the skies of Dubai for an extraordinary formation flight which showcased just how far aviation has come. The formations were conducted over the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa in the background.
Shawn Connelly -3
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Two guys wearing jetpacks fly alongside an Airbus A380

So far, we saw ex-fighter pilot Yves Rossy — a.k.a. Jetman — fly his jet-propelled wing in formation with another pilot, and we saw him whizz around Dubai's Burj Khalifa in glorious 4K resolution.

His latest stunt, however, again performed with parachuter Vince Reffet, is perhaps the most impressive so far. The two pilots fly their jetpacks in formation with an Emirates-owned Airbus A380.


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