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Dutch Safety Board Releases Video Detailing MH17 Crash

After the final report released yesterday, video is now available detailing the Dutch Safety Board’s investigation into the causes of the crash of flight MH17 on 17 July 2014 in the eastern part of Ukraine and the Board’s investigation into flying over conflict zones. ( More...

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Derek Thomas 7
I am always amazed at the work that crash investigators do to discover what happened. No less so than in the battleground that MH17 came down in. This video is just a taste of the precise, scientific process. Very sad and unnecessary loss of life.
October 14, 2015: A computer simulation carried out by Dutch Safety Board investigators supports the scenario that MH17 was brought down by a surface-to-air missile.

The experiment, it said, disproved claims the missile was shot down from Snizhne, a village controlled by pro-Russian rebels.

Instead they said the passenger jet seems to have been shot down from territory disputed by insurgents and Ukrainian troops, and by an outdated version of the BUK missile that is no longer in use by the Russian military.

"The results of the experiment completely dispute the conclusions of the Dutch commission about the type of the rocket and the launch site," said Yan Novikov, director of Almaz-Antey, which has been put under Western sanctions.

9 news or the DSB report. Russia has said a lot of different propaganda excuses and is a cash strapped nation still using some old hardware. Even if they are not it does not mean the old BUK was passed on and training done for Russian separatists or whoever "pulled the trigger"

The facts are it was a BUK that killed a lot of people including small children in a terrible way no one ever should. Lives snuffed out by idiot nations fighting for land when they can't even support the people in their own land. The report can not and would not say who, just the known facts.

I have never seen a DSB report that is smudged or deliberately purported non factual information. Some other nations can't lay claim to that.
fdohmann 1
Why should the Ukranian military shoot down a plane coming from the west. The seperatists had no planes they had to fear! Please wait for the criminal report to post blame still in the works.
Think - your views are warped, your on edge in a war zone, you may get a medal for shooting down military aircraft - oh man you are trained on a BUK you are *&^$%*& special. Maybe today it's the presidents transport!

Note I am not saying who is responsible and yes I agree patience to see what the outcome is if any.
Yes we all believe 9news,CNN, NBC,FOX, SKY, The Guardian......................

The final report based on calculations of direction of shrapnel towards 9M-MRD illustrates and summarised a probable area of launch. Is a big area and who is responsible may never be proven.
joel wiley 3
Thanks for posting the link that had the report. Clinical, but chilling.
sparkie624 3
Very well done video and investigation.
As a former member of the Lawyers-Pilots Bar Association, I had pleasure of hearing a presentation by an accident investigator at one of our meetings in the early 1980s. It was an investigation into the crash of Air India flight 855, which occurred during a departure from Bombay, India on New Year's Day, 1978.

The investigator placed much of the blame for the crash on the relative social positions of the aircraft captain, first officer and the flight engineer. Based upon his investigation, the aircraft captain was flying the aircraft when he lost his AI during a right turn immediately after departure. He stated that his AI was toppling and still showing a right turn, even though he had turned to level flight. The 1st officer commented that his too was toppling, apparently as he believed the left turn shown was wrong and that the aircraft was level at the time. The flight engineer on the aircraft (a 747-23B) sat between and behind the pilot and 1st officer. He also had an AI which showed the aircraft in a left turn, matching that of the 1st officer and he was attempting to convey that information to the pilot.

The problem, apparently common with Indian crews, is that the flight engineer cannot speak openly to the pilot, but must first get his attention and be recognized. There was a sound recorded on the CVR which was a "tap, tap, tap, tap, tap" and the belief of the investigators was that the flight engineer was attempting to get the pilot's attention by tapping on his AI. Unfortunately, the aircraft continued into a left turn, rolled inverted and plunged into the Arabian Sea with a loss of all aboard.

The presentation was so detailed that it remains with me today in vivid detail, more than 30 years later.
Jim DeTour 1
Looking back I wonder what relations the crew or passengers of HM17 had with any of the crew and passengers of MH370. Since Malaysia and Indonesia do have on and off armed conflicts the flight HM370 taking a course through Indonesia's sensitive areas makes me wonder if somebody was upset at losing a friend from the airline disregarding the safety of the MH17 flight flying directly through an ongoing armed conflict. From what I read Malaysia was the first country to recognize the government formed after the coup and they both formed embassies in each others countries. Guess there was wheat deals Malaysia wanted.
Just went through the DSB report and as expected comprehensive, detailed and well presented.
Other theories floated by Russia over the past year included usage of an air-to-air rocket, possibly Israeli-made, launched by a Ukrainian plane.

All 298 people, some two-thirds of whom were Dutch, aboard the doomed Boeing-777 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur were killed when it was blown out of the air over rebel-held east Ukraine on July 17 2014.

Ukraine and its allies in the West have consistently accused rebels for downing the jet with a BUK missile system that was likely supplied by Russia, which Moscow denies.

October 14, 2015: Timelapse footage shows Dutch Safety Board investigators reconstruct MH17 from the crash site wreckage

This older missile is banned from use by Russian military as its expiration date passed in 2011, the company said.

The firm in July suggested the missile could have been the 9M38M1 model, which is a later version of the weapon.

But tests now proved that the earlier type was used, it said yesterday.

The Russian maker of BUK missiles has released videos of a missile being exploded close to the nose of decommissioned Ilyushin plane in an attempt to discredit the findings of an official inquiry into the downing of a Malaysia Airlines jet MH17.

International investigators concluded a 15-month probe into the tragedy last night and concluded that flight MH17 was shot down by a Russian-made BUK fired from rebel-held eastern Ukraine.

State-controlled Russian firm Almaz-Antey published videos of a BUK missile being exploded close to the nose of a plane in the wake of the report's release.

October 14, 2015: Traces of explosives and ferrous metal fragments were found in the MH17 cockpit and the bodies of three crew members.

The firm's glitzy presentation, which saw reams of slides projected on a giant screen, was carried live by Russia's state-run media.

It is expected to form a central plank of Moscow's rebuttal to the report from the international inquiry.

"Today we can definitively say that if the Boeing was shot down by a BUK missile system then it was hit by a 9M38 from the area of Zaroshchenske village," company official Mikhail Malyshevsky said.

joel wiley 1
I saw references to the Russian show as well and dipped into it a bit. Dod not watch the entire dog and pony show. It reminded me that the major Russian newspaper Pravda translates as ' truth' - a label rather than a description. I also read most of the Dutch report. I noted that Russia did not provide any radar or telemetry data, but only photos of purported radar screens.

The firm producing BUC missles tested their candidate missle on a stationary target which greatly changes the spray pattern dynamics. Did they publish their analysis or just the conclusions? Without analysis that can be independently verified, I don't see the 'old BUC' theory as particularly credible.

For me, it's grain-o-salt time.

The Dutch report did properly say that from where and by whom the missle came is beyond the scope of their task.
sparkie624 -1
Like I really believe them.. UGH! Can you say Biased testing!


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