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L.A. will transfer Ontario airport ownership back to city

After years of litigation and contentious negotiations, Los Angeles has agreed to transfer ownership of struggling LA/Ontario International Airport back to the city of Ontario, reversing a 30-year-old acquisition. After the number of annual passengers dropped from 7.2 million in 2007 to 4.2 million in 2012, Ontario sued, alleging that Los Angeles mismanaged the airport and violated its agreements. ( More...

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dtmknsn 1
In any case, there are a lot of pax here in the IE that really appreciate having KONT instead of traveling the time consuming and choked freeways to and from LAX. Sure, you can't go directly to everywhere from KONT but the convenience is terrific. Not many places that you can look out the terminal windows and see your car.....and easily walk to it. I have not used LAX since 1990 when I retired from the USAF returning from the EU. Hope the name changes back as well. Goodbye LA!
Just because The City of Los Angeles has LAX .. they think they can manage every one elses airports out their back door .. NOT !! ... They have done NOTHING, but screw up ONT and the others, they attempt to "manage" .. They should only be concerned with LAX and quit trying to be the BIG BULLY they are ...
Tim Marks 2
After sucking all of the goodness possible out of this piece of realestate, now LA is dumping the pig they created back to its rightful owners. Problem with the city of Ontario suing LA is the courts are all run by the politicians in LA and they will be stuck with the mess, the suit will not have a positive result. Guess Ontario International will be closing soon, so they can sell it off for businesses or parking lot spaces....


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