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Plane crashes in US 59 median south of Diboll, TX

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Three people have been taken to a Lufkin hospital for what appears to be cautionary reasons following a twin-engine plane crash on US 59 south of Diboll Friday morning. The crash occurred at 7:47 a.m. and the plane landed in the median of US 59, a half-mile south of Diboll. Officials from FAA are on the way to investigate the crash. DPS is having to shut down part of the northbound lane, as part of a wing is on the highway. According to DPS, the Cessna 421B… ( More...

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preacher1 2
Where have we seen any reference to fuel mixup or it that just a supposition. Probably a good one but I just wondered if that was official or not.
bentwing60 1
That was me supposing when he lost two engines two miles from the airport at the same time. Just sayin!
Jack370 1
Not official. Someone to claim to hear that on a local radio broadcast on the local NBC site. But a likely explanation since both engines were dead when the plane crash landed.
The crash landing dead stick was remarkable though and the pilot should be commended.
preacher1 1
linbb 1
Seems that if it was has happened not long before in Spokane WA they fued a Piper thinking it was a turbine bird. Guess I am old school and when I service AC back 50yrs ago I knew exactly what fuel it took. Not many turbines back then but had different grades three if I remember right of gas and the wrong one would ruin an engine on TO quick.
paul trubits 1
Why do fuel mixups still happen? It seems that this is an easily solved problem. In this high tech, computer driven world, using a bar code scanner would eliminate this kind of mixup. Even a sticker with the type of fuel allowed for the aircraft would help. Granted, I have never fueled an airplane but I have fueled many other types of engines. Putting the wrong fuel in a land based vehicle is bad. Putting the wrong fuel in an aircraft usually ends tragically.
Jack370 1
In case anyone is wondering, the comments about the mix up in the fuel was merged from the comments of my squawk from 4/18 that was deleted as a duplicate squawk.
My tailwheel CFI mentioned this crash to me this morning, as she knows the owner. She also told me the fuel mixup story, so it seems pretty solid. She also made it sound as if the pilot was having trouble accepting his responsibility for the accident.
Flight track:

Looks like they maxed out at about 2400'.
bentwing60 1
Dollar to a doughnut there's some Jet-A in there somewhere.
Jack370 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Cessna 421 crash landing in Texas

Cessna 421 N421PK Crash Lands in Texas with both engines failing soon after take off. All survive.

Possible mistake with using jet fuel instead of AV fuel. Both engines failed soon after takeoff. FlightAware data:


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