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Delta Air Lines CEO on why ticket prices haven’t dropped

DETROIT • Delta Air Lines is passing along profits to its employees, but consumers shouldn’t expect the company to pass along savings gleaned from low oil prices any time soon. ( More...

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Blah blah! Why would they drop prices if seats are full? Just to start a price war....this is how you make profit in the short term. It will change at some point but why would you want to lead? They been down that road already of not making a good return. Remember, they are in business to make money not friends. And I'm not a fan of delta because I don't like going to Atlanta. Lol
Why don't they drop airfares like air new zealand did for a day to $1 anywhere in NZ. They can do that in America for the first thousand passengers to book on line or have the happy hour come in where you have one hour to book at very low cost airfares
Jim Nasby 2
Delta actually has even more control over pricing than most airlines, since they own their own refinery.
layman85 2
That refinery has lost money since Delta has owned it.
I doubt they ever planned on it making money. The real payoff is a supply chain they control. They also control the accounting!
Jeff K 1
I only fly a few times each year and for the last five years or so, I've found Delta to have the lowest prices and preferred times for my given travel. I've had no negative issues other than they keep retiring their 767's and replacing them with 737's. I much prefer the wide bodies for cross country than the single aisle's.
kamyee249 1
They won't make money if they keep putting air fares up
JJ Johnson 0
The entire business model in America is screw the working man out of every dime you can.It can not be sustained useless the working man gets some decent wage increases.
joel wiley 2
If I recall correctly, Henry Ford had this odd notion that he should pay his employees enough that they could afford to buy a Ford. That attitude seems so last millennium.
preacher1 1
Yeah it does but ain't it strange that DAL is the only carrier that thinks enough of it's people to pay a bonus. Reckon it outpaces costs and benefits of union dues? As most of the pilots are under ALPA contract, and I say most, not all, I don't think they partake in that bonus do they? Doesn't the contract govern their compensation?
kamyee249 0
I not like Delta airline very bad reputation for service and they lose your luggage a lot
canuck44 0
Delta's pricing may drop as Spirit moves into Atlanta. Southwest may need to lower their prices as well.
Brian Bishop 1
Yes, DAL's prices at GSP dropped significantly when SWA came to town. Competition is a marvelous thing.
preacher1 1
I take it you got back from Marion OK?


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