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Bombardier Inc CEO Pierre Beaudoin steps down as plane maker takes $1.4 billion charge on Learjet

Bombardier Inc named a former United Technologies Corp executive as CEO, and reported a quarterly loss due to a $1.4 billion charge related to its decision to suspend its Learjet 85 business aircraft program. The Canadian plane and train manufacturer said Alain Bellemare would replace Pierre Beaudoin, who is stepping down as president and chief executive officer. ( More...

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biz jets 1
Thanks for the post - rumors continue that Textron and Embraer have been in talks with Bombardier to purchase the Learjet brand .... to be continued
biz jets 1
Stepping down with bonus and parachute?
biz jets 1
Bombardier is a family run business - he is stepping down but not leaving - has been with the company long before they made airplanes!!, he started in 1963 - and his father-in-law was Joseph Armand Bombardier!!!
I think you might be mixed up with Pierre Beaudoin and Laurent Beaudoin.
No doubt....nearly all of these guys are silver spooners.
BaronG58 1
Stock closed at $2.61...could be a good "buy"
Pa Thomas 0
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Bombardier CEO Steps Down After Announcing Huge 4th Quarter Loss

The chief executive of the aircraft and railway equipment maker Bombardier, Pierre Beaudoin, will step down, as the company announced dismal earnings and the need to raise additional capital.


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