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Airbus' Beluga: Giant of the skies set to get even larger

It's the white whale of the skies and one of aviation's rarest and most loved planes currently in service. ( More...

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Purdue13 4
I want to see the renderings already.
Whether you love or hate Airbus, you must admit that the Beluga is one of the most iconic airframes in the world. Like Purdue13 said, I'd love to see the renderings. I'm imagining a 380 fuselage spliced on top of a 330, and with their production rate increasing, I could easily see 9-10 new aircraft made.
gewy 3
Love and hate are really the only options you can imagine by these days ? Like or dislike should be more peaceful. Most of us are not fanatics (despite what I can read on this site sometimes...).
joel wiley 1
There might be a market for a few more. I tracked one of the Dreamlifters from KSDF - KMHR a week or so before Christmas with a UPS flight number.
Jake Hanna 1
wow really? thats pretty interesting. I knew UPS contracted other aircraft over the holidays but I didn't think they would go that big haha
TechFlyer 1
Are you referring to the Boeing Dreamlifters?
joel wiley 1
yes, I believe there are a total of 4. I am under the approach to KMHR 22L and they come over about 3000' agl. I heard it come over and it wasn't the run-of-the mill freighter. I missed capturing a screenshot from dump1090 showing it, but it did show on FA and Planeplotter. Too dark to see anyway.
At the end of the article it says it's going to have the same loading means, so I interpret that to mean same "bubble" dimensions on the top of the aircraft just mated with a larger and longer A330.
Jon Adams 2
Very interesting, formidable, and utilitarian a/c! Never have seen one, but I remember seeing a Super Guppy on the tarmac at El Paso Int'l (KELP) back in the mid-late 90's - was quite bizarre in its uniqueness...
TechFlyer 1
Good Idea!
Louis Messier 1
Is the gross wt comparable to the C-5a and that Russian jumbo or is it more a matter of configuration to accommodate awkward cargo pieces?
Jeffrey Bue 1
That was a great article about a great plane. FlightAware is such a cool website.


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