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All US and UK F-35s Are Being Grounded (Again) Because of Engine Fires

Military officials from both the US and UK have been forced to ground each and every F-35 in their fleets so that their engines can be inspected—following another fire last week. ( More...

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preacher1 4
High $ hunk of junk, mad with parts from the lowest bidder. It'd be plumb funny if we weren't paying for it.
Gene spanos 2
Why can't we get this right besides the lowest bidder being involved here.
Our people down on the ground need that air cover/support.
Been there.
Jason Feldman 1
In case you don't know anything about how bad the F35 is - each this video:
Tim Lamborn 1
I dont know why they can't just upgrade the current fighters we have now. Been doing it to the
B-52 for how long now?
Very often during testing and certification trials something faulty comes to light and will need investigation. This is why we have lengthy trials in order to find these things before we ask a pilot To risk life for nation.

Some of the comments here and on other platforms defy belief in their collective ineptitude. It is worth noting the the nuclear deterrent has probably had similar problems and cost issues to deal with during development but can never know is such information is of course "classified"!
preacher1 1
True, but the F35 has been such a boondoggle and bottomless pit, and unneeded to begin with, that it is drawing much more ire than most new stuff. It has been just an open door to cost overrun that nobody is happy with it and on top of that, it is so far behind schedule that it should have already been tested out and deployed for a pretty good while.
Funny, our last billion $ boondoggle, the F22 Raptor finally entered service but has not seen combat yet, but we got to spend Billions more to replace it cause they'll be cheaper if all 3 services can use them.
Does the fact the F22 has not seen combat negate the investment in the deterrent that was part of reasons to produce? Following your logic invites the conclusion that you expect any weapons to see active combat!
preacher1 1
Go back and look at the history of the F35. It has been an unneeded boondoggle that was being worked on before the F22 really ever got into the air, let alone ready for combat deployment. There were many ways to fill the gap without trying to build something from scratch. No, I don't think combat is a requirement, but we already had the top of the line. Why spend billions of borrowed $ to fix something not broke. Major upgrades to the existing fleet would have been much more cost effective, but then, I know, we are talking about government here and Lockheed had ran out of anything to do, so Uncle Sugar writes them a blank check, only in the last 6 months taking control to stop the bleeding and telling Lockheed that it's on your dime now if it don't work. They have been sold a bill of goods and even the allies are having second thoughts now about the cost.
ToddBaldwin3 1
Lockheed Martin has done an excellent job of "political engineering" on thus project. They have the work so dispersed among so many key Congressional districts that no one wants to cancel the project
Robert Moore 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

F-35 fleet grounding

The technical air worthiness authorities of the Department of the Air Force and Department of the Navy have issued a directive to ground the F-35 fleet based on initial findings from the runway fire incident that occurred at Eglin Air Force Base on June 23.


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