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Russia's MAK findings on the fatal T204 Moscow Over-run

Misalignment of mechanism and locks of thrust reversers on both engines as well as inappropriate actions (inappropriate provisions in the flight crew operating manual) by the crew during the landing run that resulted in lack of effective braking overrunning the runway and colliding with obstacles at high speed (about 190 kph/102 knots), the destruction of the aircraft and loss of life. ( More...

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ruagatr 5
So other than bad aircraft design, poor majntenance and unskilled piloting, there was no reason for the accident. Another reason to avoid eastern block airlines.
LGM118 3
They might as well have written "Cause of Accident: All of them."
Paul Claxon 3
Why not go-around ? They sure had enough airspeed ?
I kept asking myself the same question. I would think after flaring for 15 seconds (that equates to roughly 3000-4000 feet of usable runway) the conservative pilot would go around.
preacher1 3
I have to jump into that crowd also. Also,It would look like that with compression on 2 out of 3 gears that the reversers would unlock, but even then, with 3 guys up front, it looks like somebody would have yanked the spoilers floating like that and it looks like they could have seen no TR before the 7 seconds or so before the FE called it out. Easy to see all this in the report though but I wasn't there.


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