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NJ Devils Broadcast team's plane makes emergency landing due to engine fire

The New Jersey Devil's MSG Broadcast team got quite the scare when the plane they were traveling on made an emergency landing in Des Moines Iowa due to smoke coming from the planes wing. ( More...

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It was just a regular Delta flight flying from Detroit to Denver, that diverted because of a smoke condition. Happens every day.
I'd hate to be on that flight if it happens everyday...
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Smart aleck. That flight might not divert everyday. But many flights are diverted every day all over the world for mx reasons.

So there's nothing extraordinary here. That one person from a professional hockey team's media group was on a smoke that landed early because someone smelled smoke is unremarkable.

There wasn't a hockey team on the plane, nor even just one hockey player. Just some media guy.
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* on a PLANE


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